EOTD (Eye of the Day)

EOTD: Sunny Pink and Gold

The weather is getting kind of chilly (by chilly I mean Southern California chilly, not East Coast chilly), so I decided to use warm, summery colors for my eye makeup.

click to enlarge

I used all four colors from a Lancome quad for this look (the ones you get as gifts w/ purchase).

I wasn’t planning on making a tutorial out of this look when I did it, so I don’t have step by step pictures.  Here are the basic instructions, and let me know if you’d like to see more detailed tutorials in the future:

1. Apply a shadow primer if you have oily lids/shadow that creases easily.  I use either Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Clinique Eye-Touch Base in Canvas.

2. Apply the pink shade on 2/3 of the lid, leaving a little space on the outer third.

3. Pat the gold on the outer third, and blend up and in.

4. Use the white as a highlight shade on your browbone (optional).

5. Use the purplish brown shade as a liner.  Line on the upper lashline from the outer corner to the midpoint of your eye.

6. Curl lashes (I used my trusty Sonia Kashuk Lash Curler), and apply mascara.


3 thoughts on “EOTD: Sunny Pink and Gold

  1. i love this tutorial! I would love to see some fully-fleshed ones with pictures and everything though, if you have the time! some people (like me) are less competent and some visual aid would be greatly appreciated! ❤

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