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Just in Time for Winter: What’s Your Favorite Body Cream?

Winter is here, and I go to great lengths to find a good body cream that will keep me from turning into human sandpaper during this season.  It happens that I do own such a miracle body cream.  There’s just one teensy problem.  I don’t believe they sell it anymore.

Sarah Michael’s Extra Thick Body Cream in Jasmine and Waterlily

This image is not very color accurate.  It’s a lot more pleasant looking in real life.

Don’t be fooled by the summery picture on the cap; this is perfect for winter.  It’s an extremely thick, lilac colored body butter.  I don’t even like the smell of jasmine that much, but the scent is very light and clean.  I think I can smell the lily a little bit, but it’s mostly just your standard light, relaxing floral scent.  One 8 oz. tub lasts me forever and ever, and thankfully I bought a few (I think it was Bath and Body that carried this, but I can’t be sure).

I love body butters that are nice and thick; they feel a lot more substantial to me.  The Body Shop’s body butters are also very moisturizing, but I find the texture isn’t thick enough for me.

Does anyone know of a good, thick body butter?  My skin thanks you in advance!


4 thoughts on “Just in Time for Winter: What’s Your Favorite Body Cream?

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  3. Ok…this is going to sound really wierd, but I don’t use body cream. I might moisturize my hands once in a while (and of course, my face), but I don’t use lotion anywhere else on my body. I just don’t need it… Odd, huh?

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