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My Favorite Things: Sonia Kashuk Lash Curler

Hi everyone.  This is my first time blogging/first post, so I hope you enjoy.  And now onto the post…

Yes, before you ask, I do own a Shu Uemura lash curler.  (And its not your favorite??????)

Presenting: Sonia Kashuk’s Dramatic Definition Travel Eyelash Curler


This curler is amazing for travel.  It folds right in half…….


making it easy to throw into my bag without the fear of squishing it.  Like Shu’s curler, it has a gummy pad that won’t break my lashes.  The pressure it delivers isn’t quite as great as Shu’s, but the curl you get is just as good.  Using it is really easy too.  You just press down on the button in the back:

The design and size make this an excellent option for travel, but I find myself using it even when I’m at home.  This may be because of how my eyes are shaped, but I don’t have to angle this at all, whereas I have to do a tiny bit of angling with the Shu curler.

My only complaint about this would be that there’s no replacement pad once you run through the first one, but for the price I can easily just buy another one.

You can get this curler from Target for $10.  Pretty good deal, no?

My rating : A+


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