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DHC Eyelash Tonic…Does it do anything?

Well, that depends what you’re looking for in an eyelash tonic.

On the back of the box (sorry, I threw that away a LONG time ago, so I don’t have a picture of it) it says to use it as a primer.

Err…I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.  That would be the equivalent of putting too much vaseline on your lashes before applying mascara.

Originally, I bought this to see if it would deliver healthier/longer (Yeah, I actually hoped a $6 tube would give me longer lashes) eyelashes.  Also, my friend recommended I use Vaseline to condition my lashes at night.  I tried that, and it stung like crazy (I ended up with bloodshot eyes and lashes that looked the same).  I’ve been using this tonic as a nighttime lash treatment.  I think it works pretty well for that.  I’ve been using it consistently for 4-5 months now.  It doesn’t sting my eyes (yay!), I think my eyelashes look healthier, and they don’t fall out at all (Before I used this, one or two lashes would fall out when I curled them or removed my mascara).  There’s also been a tiny bit of growth (nothing extreme, but I think they look a little longer…hmm wishful thinking?).

The formula is halfway between a liquid and a gel, and you apply it with a standard mascara wand.  Easy peasy.

Anyways, this is a pretty good tonic if you want something that will make your lashes healthier.  If Vaseline irritates your eyes, you could try this.  Don’t expect a lot in the growth department, though, and PLEASE do not try to use this as a primer.

Just a sidenote, the formula turns slightly murky after a month.  I went on MakeupAlley to see if this was normal, and a lot of reviewers noted this happens.  I’m not sure why it is, but it still works the same for me, and I haven’t had any irritation problems (the reviews basically all say that too).

My rating: B+


6 thoughts on “DHC Eyelash Tonic…Does it do anything?

  1. Sounds great! Perhaps the cloudiness is caused by dust from your lashes getting into the tube? I know that my perfume vials do this, and it’s just dust etc from the skin.

    Vaseline + lashes + mascara = huuuge mess! lol

    • I’m guessing that is very possible 🙂 It doesn’t really bother me, since I know any harmful contaminant would instantly make my eyes go really bad (ack. sensitive eyes)
      I know! When I just started wearing mascara, my friend told me it helped. Huge stingy mess in my eyes lolll I was not happy

  2. thanks for the review! well i’m excited to know that this will at least help with lash fallout and make them healthier. i guess i won’t be using this before mascara though lol. and i’m kinda grossed out about it becoming dark inside but we’ll see!

    • It definitely helps make your lashes stronger. I suppose it gets murky because the formula is so liquid-y, but it seems to be a common issue, so I’m actually not too worried about it.

  3. 1st Yes I am a guy 🙂 I bought the eye lash tonic because I used to get compliments on my eye lashes all the time. They began to fall out and get thin, I have been using it for about 2 weeks and someone actually said to me at work the other day you have nice lashes. I only use it at night to thicken the lashes and it seems to work I am not sure if it made them “longer” but there fuller and may be that why they look longer.

    • hahah I’m always so jealous of guys with super nice lashes! (and then I can’t help but think how they would look with some mascara). I’m glad this worked for you! My tube is about a year old now, so I stopped using it awhile ago. I’ll probably buy a new one next time I visit Asia.

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