Perfume Galore

Here is the entirety of my perfume (I’m using that term loosely, as I have some body sprays in here too) collection.

Here are the Bath and Body Works things (yup, that alone makes up about 50% of everything you see here.

left to right: EDTs; Wild Honeysuckle mini EDT, full sized EDT, body spray (can you tell I really like Wild Honeysuckle? :P), remaining body sprays; Cool Citrus Basil, Cotton Blossom, Pearberry, Sheer Freesia, Country Apple, Cucumber Melon

Here are my higher end perfumes:

left to right: Daisy by Marc Zacobs, Zen by Shiseido, Paloma Picasso, Mac Turquatic Heat, mini Poison by Dior, Even mini-er Poison

Here are some miscellaneous inexpensive perfumes:


left to right: Muguet des Bois by Coty, Aspen for Women by Coty, old and new pink tiffa

  So that’s everything.  I’ll review a few of these individually soon.  If you see anything here you want me to review specifically, please leave it in the comments, and I would love to.

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