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Eye Primers: Too Faced vs. Clinique

I’ve seen a lot of posts all over the internet focusing on the pros and cons of Too Faced and Urban Decay.  Well, I’m going to switch it up a little today.  I originally was going to buy the UD Primer Potion, but the packaging was so annoying to me that I just gave up after trying my friend’s a few times.  It does work really well, but I think Too Faced does the exact same thing, with much better packaging.

The purpose of an eye primer is to keep your shadow looking fresh all day, so it doesn’t go creasing and migrating all over your lids.  Essentially, it is a must if you want your makeup to look good and stay that way.

The Breakdown

Packaging: Shadow Insurance has a convenient blue tube that lets you get all the product out a little at a time, and is really convenient to carry.  But Clinique’s, I must say, is even better.  The primer comes in a little green compact with a mirror, so handy for application purposes.  I like that it’s in cream form, since I usually bring it with me when I travel.  Changes in altitude and pressure can sometimes cause the liquid formula of Shadow Insurance to come spilling out when I squeeze it (blegh).  Overall, Clinique’s packaging makes it a winner for me here, although I have heard some people complain it’s too flimsy for them, and breaks.  I’ve gone through 3 of them already, and I haven’t had this problem, so my advice would be to avoid dropping it on hard surfaces if you want it to last.

Staying Power: I use Clinique mainly in the warmer months when my skin is especially oily, and Too Faced the rest of the time.  Too Faced does seem to perform a little better than Clinique, but it’s not a dealbreaker margin for me.  Clinique is a lot better at soaking up oil, so in the winter it almost makes my eye skin a little too dry (nothing that can’t be fixed with a quick dab of eye cream).  Essentially, if your skin is very dry, I wouldn’t recommend that you get Clinique. 

Price: Too Faced Shadow Insurance retails at Sephora for $17, and Clinique’s Touch Base for Eyes sells for $14.  Both last me a very long time (a year for Clinique, even longer for Too Faced), even though Too Faced contains 0.35 oz, and Clinique only contains 0.03 oz.  I suspect it’s because Clinique’s cream formula is very concentrated, and you only one swipe for each lid.  I usually buy Clinique, only because they have frequent gwp’s going on, and I can get even more for my money.

Selection: Too Faced comes in one neutral shade that blends completely into your skin, leaving no color behind on me.  Clinique, on the other hand, has a pretty wide selection of colors.  I use Canvas, a matte neutral shade.  It also blends in nicely, but it leaves color on my eyes (looks like beigey tan cream shadow).  I also like the other colors, though, and what’s cool about this primer is that you can wear it alone without shadow, and it will still look like you have some shadow on your lids.  Major multitasking 🙂

Overall Performance: I do think Too Faced performs marginally better than Clinique, but because of all the other factors listed above, it works out to be a tie for me.  So, I always keep both in my makeup stash.  Problem solved.  *Note: Something to keep in mind with the Clinique is that it tends to dry out within a couple months.  To prevent this, only peel the foil back halfway when you first open it, and keep it on there until you’re done.  I’ve also heard you can soak it in warm water once it starts drying out to breathe some new life into it.


8 thoughts on “Eye Primers: Too Faced vs. Clinique

  1. Thanks for the review! I had no idea Clinique made a primer. I just started using Too Faced after using UDPP. They seem similar, but I did like that UDPP had more color in it, priming the eye before adding color. I’ll have to pick up the Clinique next time I’m in mall (which will probably be tomorrow!)


  2. I love the thoroughness and detail of your reviews!
    you really made a lovely case for your points! ^^ The different categories make it so effective! ^^

  3. I’ve never heard of the Clinique primer before. I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance religiously when I’m wearing eye makeup and it’s almost out. Yay for finishing makeup products! It works really well for me.

    I think because of TFSI’s effectiveness and packaging it’s a winner for me. Of course every now and then I feel like trying UDPP again (maybe the shimmery one) but I can’t deal with its awful wand.

    • I agree, aside from the packaging the wand kind of bugged me too because it gave me less control over how much product I wanted. haha I’ve never seen the Clinique primer reviewed on any blog before, and I like it a lot, so I thought I’d throw it out there. yay for hitting pan/er…tube bottom on shadow insurance 🙂

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