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So…Where’s the Blue?/Drop Everything and GO SEE AVATAR NOW

You know how on your fourth point you get a free gift at The Body Shop if you’re a member?  Well, after much deliberation, I picked up this blue mascara that looked so lovely and pigmented in the tube.


It actually looks even blue-er than that in real life.  So basically, looks really nice right?

So I finally opened it today, all excited and happy, and decided to do blue mascara in honor of Avatar (I’ll get into that later), and this is what happened……..

That’s blue?  Really?  I mean, after I stood under a bright light, and looked at myself in a mirror from about an inch away, I saw some blue on the tips of my lashes, but who’s going to get that close in real life?  A creeper.  And I like to tell myself I’d be able to pepper spray them before they got that close. 

As a mascara, it’s not that bad, but once again I don’t think it does what it says.  Super Volume Mascara…well I didn’t actually get any volume from this, but it did give me a lot of length, which was nice.  It was a bit dry, though, and the color was kind of like a blegh black, definitely not dark enough for me.  I definitely wouldn’t spend $14 on this, so thankfully it was a gwp type thing.  The lack of blue was really disappointing, though, as it was pretty much the only reason I picked this out.  The Body Shop has a lot of good products, but this one just didn’t do it for me.

My rating: C

On a happier note, I went to see Avatar last night and OHMYGOD it was so amazing.  I want to go see it again now.  In 3D.  If you’ve seen the trailer, and you think you’d like it, then why haven’t you seen it yet??  If you haven’t watched the trailer, go watch it anyways!  And if you’ve watched the trailer but didn’t think it was your cup of tea, well then, go watch it and you’ll change your mind.  Seriously.  Best movie I’ve seen in a long time.  *Oh, and if you’ve seen it already and (of course) loved it like I did, go see it again!


6 thoughts on “So…Where’s the Blue?/Drop Everything and GO SEE AVATAR NOW

  1. Two words: white. base. Try it and get back to us.


    (No but actually, it will help SO much with making the blue show up!)

    Everyone keeps talking about this “Avatar” thing… I guess I’ll have to check it out eventually. You make it sound really freakin’ cool!

    • sadly, I was using a white base under the mascara in that picture. I honestly never wear mascara without it since I have such puny lashes. so yup, that’s what it looks like with the white base. *sighs* ahaha you really should. My friend saw it in IMAX, which sounds amazing, and that’s next on my to do list.

  2. Such a disappointment! D: i’ve been looking for a good colored mascara for ages, but i’ve never come up with anything decent. If you find a nice one, please let us all know! ^^

    Also: couldn’t agree more about Avatar, I’m in love! ❤

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