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Clinique Happy To Go Pencils = Instant Cheer

I went outlet shopping over break, so of course I made a visit to CCO.  I was looking for some discounted Mac Blacktrack Fluidline, but they were all out, much to my disappointment.  I did, however, pick up these.

First off, I love the packaging.  The colors are just so bright and  cheerful, it makes me smile just to look at them.  The pencils are nicely sized, not too thick, and fit right into my hand.  I like the caps too, they slide right on snugly so I don’t have to worry about anything coming loose in my bag.  The crayon-y look brings me right back to my kindergarten coloring days.  I love solid perfumes, but I don’t like touching anything in tins without having clean hands (lip balms, body butters, etc.), so I’m really glad these come in scribble on, hands-free form.  As for the scents, they’re all fairly light, and only last for about 3-4 hours, but they’re really easy to apply, so I can let that slide.  Clinique Happy smells just like its liquid counterpart, but lighter (when I say light, I don’t mean ‘you can’t even smell it light,’ more like a pleasant wafty but not up front kind of scent).  A Hint of Citrus manages to smell like fresh oranges without veering into Vitamin C Juice territory, and a Wealth of Flowers smells nicely floral with a hint of green.  I love all three of them, and they even come with a nice sharpener.

I’ve heard some complaints that the sharpener was too small for the pencils when this set was initially released, and they fixed it later on.  Well, this one is the right size, so I’m guessing these sets include the fixed sharpeners. 

These pencils now retail for $24 at CCO (down from their original $36).  I don’t think I would have paid full price for these when they were still in stock in Clinique Counters, especially with the defective sharpeners, but now since that’s all fixed, and the price is a lot lower, these are a great buy.

My rating: A


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