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HG Hand Cream (for now)

I don’t know what’s up lately, but I’ve been getting more and more into rose-scented things.  The smell of roses is not normally one of my favorite things.  I tend to lump it in with lavender, mushrooms, and other scents I’m not so crazy about.  This hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn, though, smells wonderful.  Yes, it still smells like roses, but for some reason, it doesn’t smell as cloying as some other rose fragrances do.  It reminds me of individual rose petals, rather than the whole rose, which for me is quite nice.  The cream itself is also super moisturizing, but once again, light and wonderfully un-greasy.  It sinks in right away, which is what I look for first in a hand cream (and believe me, I’ve tried a LOT of those).  I do like my body butters to be nice and thick, but since I do a lot more with my hands (write, type, etc.), I want something light that absorbs quickly, but still moisturizes very well.  And happily for me, this fits the description.

I bought the mini version, which came in a set for $10 (along with soap, body wash, and lotion), but you can buy the full sized one for $15 if you have a store near you, or online here.

My rating: A


4 thoughts on “HG Hand Cream (for now)

  1. Loving the product reviews! when I have money to spare, i will definitely try this out- it sounds like the perfect moisturizer! ^^ ❤

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