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Lumene’s Radiant Dual Serum Gives Me Sweet Dreams

I’m pretty picky about my moisturizers.  My face has about 3 different zones going on, all requiring their own specific thing.  I’ve got serious dryness on my cheeks, oiliness on my t-zone, and my forehead is a mix of dry and oily.  *sighs* Usually my mornings go like this: I always start off with a toner, either Kiehl’s or Kose (I find they work equally well, and make me feel nice and refreshed).  Over that, I carefully pat in some Kose moisturizer on a cotton pad, layering it in the dry spots, and dabbing just a bit in the oilier areas.  After that , I apply my trusty sunscreen, and look in the mirror at a face that is suddenly ten times shinier.  See, the problem is that, although the regimen mentioned above works well, it also leaves me looking shiny, which requires a layer of mattifying powder.  Now, I’m the type of person who would choose 5 extra minutes of sleep over all this trouble, so sometimes I just slap the moisturizer on willy-nilly (the fact that I just used that term should show you how strongly I feel about this), and go to school with a (the euphemism I like to use here is extremely glowy) face.  When I put an equal amount of moisturizer all over my face, though, my oily zones usually start to break out, and my dry zones don’t get enough. 

One day, as my mother and I were bonding over some Rite Aid shopping, we noticed some major sales going on in the Lumene section.  I’d never used any Lumene products aside from my HG remover before, but with the huge discounts, I thought I had nothing to lose.  We picked up a few more bottles of remover, some eye depuffing rollers (I’ll review those after I use them long enough to get an opinion), and a bottle each of this amazing moisturizer.

I am sad to admit that when I got home, I put this in the back of my closet.  I figured I wouldn’t need it until I ran through my Kose anyways, so away it went into my unopened makeup/skincare box.  But then, after only a week, my mom started raving about it.  So I though, hey why not give it a try?  I’m so very glad I did.  Before I start gushing about how much I love this stuff, let me explain the packaging.

The bottle is split it half, with a morning serum on one side (orange), and a night serum on the other (purple).  The morning serum is my favorite of the two (the night is really good as well, but the morning is amazing).  As you can probably tell from the picture, the morning serum is more runny.  It’s supposed to contain cloudberry extract, and while I have absolutely no idea what a cloudberry is, it sounds yummy, and smells good too (sort of a tart, light berry scent, like a raspberry).  It gives my skin a smooth finish, and reduces shine while seriously moisturizing in the places I need it.  Also, although this might just be wishful thinking on my part, I could swear that when I layer sunscreen on top, it sort of absorbs it, and I don’t get as shiny.  This is a wonderful relief for two reason: 1) I can skip the powder 2) Gives me that much more sleep.  Plus I love how my skin feels after I apply it, and I’ve been breaking out less since I started using this.  The night moisturizer contains blueberry extract, and it really does smell like blueberries.  Not that obnoxious candy blueberry smell which I hate, but legitimately like fresh blueberries.  I put it on right after I shower, and it gets rid of all my dry patches.  It’s really light, so I was surprised that it was so moisturizing.

I love the pump dispenser, and the whole design just makes it really easy for travel.  I also like that the two different sides are color coded, instead of labeled, because I am notoriously zoned out in the morning (it’s not unusual for me to accidentally put sunscreen on my toothbrush).  The normal price for this is $20 at Rite Aid/CVS.  eek.  As much as I love this stuff, I would never pay that much for any drugstore product.  Luckily, Lumene seems to go on sale a lot, and last time I stocked up on this it was 50% off.  And $10 is a small price to pay for better skin and more sleep. 

My rating: A+


9 thoughts on “Lumene’s Radiant Dual Serum Gives Me Sweet Dreams

  1. Wow, this moisturizer really does sound like a miracleworker! ❤ I'm definitely going to take a trip to my local CVS and pick some up, i'm dieing for a something that will reduce all that awful shine!

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