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Lip Balm Woes Away!

Remember my late night ramblings on lip balm from a couple days ago?  Well, today I was digging through The Box (this is what I call the giant pile of unopened stuff in the back of my closet), hoping to find something so I wouldn’t have to go hunting for more expensive options.  And you know what?  It must be a magical, mind-reading box because look what I found!

My beloved Shiseodo lip balm!  Honestly, I don’t even know how I ever forgot about this because I must have 3 or 4 tubes lying around in The Box.  But for some reason, I haven’t used it at all for a whole entire year.  I used to stock up on this every time I went back to Taiwan (at Watsons), but I’ve seen it at some asian cosmetic stores in the US.  I’m not sure of the price, but it’s seriously cheap, around $1.  *Edit: (my grandma recently brought me a whole bunch, and apparently they’re around $3.  Not complaining, that’s still seriously cheap for an HG balm.)  There are other flavors too (like mint, etc. that come in different colored tubes, but I’ve always used this one as far as I can remember).  The name Therapind Oil Bar doesn’t sound particularly appetizing, but it works really well.  From what I can gather off the back label, the main moisturizing ingredient is sesame oil.  It’s a basic chapstick; unscented, untinted, no spf.  But it does do a good job at moisturizing, and I think I’ll be happy with this for now.

dramatic lip balm shot!

My only gripe about this is that it’s not quite moisturizing enough to be used as a nighttime lip treatment, but luckily it packs enough moisture for the day.  I’m starting to consider ordering the Bourjois online (my lips are suffering without their usual nighttime dose), does anyone know of a reliable site that I can get it from?


14 thoughts on “Lip Balm Woes Away!

  1. goodness! That sounds like an *incredible* deal! ^^

    and absolutely the prettiest chapstick i’ve ever seen! ❤ i love that packaging ^^

  2. Oooh, that is such a cute chapstick! Um… I read your previous entry and I’ve had a realllllly hard time finding a good lip balm too (and I also *hate* the feeling of chapped lips) and I would suggest the Soapalaya Soaps Green Tea Lip Butter. Soapalaya Soaps is on Etsy and her lip butter is my HG! I have three tubes on me at all times and I’ve never found anything better than it. I think it’s amazingly similar to the Garden Botanika Vit. E lip treatment except 2x the size at 1/3 of the cost! I actually tried the Bourjois Baume de Nuit and was unfortunately allergic to it (D: D: D: like about 1/2 of the 40+ balms I tried before I found the Soapalaya Soaps one)… but I think the consistency and moisturizing power was sort of similar to the Korres Lip Butters. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the Jasmine lip butter I got… but I am pretty hard to please when it comes to lip balms because mine are chronically dry (I’m a mouth breather at night apparently T_T;). HTH!

    • hahah thanks 🙂 definitely. my lip balm is my security blanket i must have with me at all times! etsy always has such amazing stuff, i’ll definitely go check that one out! aw man 😦 that one worked so well for me. i wouldnt wake up with moisturized lips, but they wouldn’t be peeling or flakey yet which was the best i ever got. hahah me too! high five. i have allergies about 90% of the time so i always end up breathing through my mouth at night, which is why i REALLY REALLY need that night lip treatment.

  3. annie: definitely. sadly only in asia can i find things that are made in japan for that price. i’m actually not too crazy about the packaging, it’s attractive for a drugstore lip balm but i have a thing for lip balms that are packaged like nice lipsticks.

  4. Aww, cuteness! I will have to keep an eye out for this.

    As for the Bourjois, maybe try Asos? Wild guess but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get it from there.

    • it also comes in potted form if you prefer that, for around the same price. i’m thinking about checking out some of the other flavors next time i’m in taiwan since it is a pretty good quality balm. oh i didn’t think of that. thanks! on my way to check now

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  10. $3??!! That’s incredible! I can only find this for at least $6 online. I’m so intrigued to try..I still have a few lip balms I ordered that are on the way, so it might be excessive to buy this one too unless it’s worth it. I just received Mentholatum Deep Moist Natural and I’m expecting Organix South TheraNeem Neem Stick Lip Therape, and Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Organique Lip Care Soothing Lotus Flower..these are a mouthful..heheh. I seem to be obsessed with Neem oil. Thanks for posting the pics, the more I look at the packaging, the more I want…ahahah.

    • urghh it’s unfortunately hard to find Asian cosmetics anywhere but online, which is why they always raise the prices so much. If you try a Shiseido Therapind lipbalm, their potted balm is definitely the most moisturizing. If your lips aren’t chronically dry like mine are, the regular ones should be fine. Are you a lipbalm addict as well? hehe if you are, join the club!

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