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What?! Missing Summer?

I really feel like I’m cheating on my favorite season (winter) right now, and while it’s still going on!  But all of a sudden, I just want it to be summer so badly.  And no, it’s not because I miss the sun, it’s not like Socal has seasons anyways.  Nope, it’s because of these.

I want to wear my summer shoes.  And before you look at me weirdly, just let me make one logical argument:

Look how well they go with my favorite bag!

See how the bronze straps of the sandals go with the bronze leather of the bag?  They were meant to be together!  But unfortunately, they can’t go out with each other yet.  But it’s ok, I’ll wear them around the house for a little, and pretend it’s summer.

And now you think I’m completely insane 🙂

~Makeup Morsels


5 thoughts on “What?! Missing Summer?

  1. i adore the shows and the bag! ❤ so shiny!^^

    and i know just what you mean, i skip around the house all the time in summerdresses wishing for warm weather, even though winter is my favorite too! ^^

  2. LMAO. I totally have OCD moments like that too! I love the bag btw!! So chic!!

    I unfortunately had to stop wearing heels like that since I have a very weak back, but I bet they look just amazing on you!

    I’m such a wimp though. I would love to lounge around in a sundress right now, but even though I’m in San Diego I’m cold enough to need slippers and my fuzzy Hello Kitty sleep pants LOL.

    • thanks! I really like the color, I think it goes with pretty much everything.
      I love my heels a lot, but I think I just wear them on the weekends mostly. And I always buy Aerosoles heels too, since I think they have the most support/cushioning. It’s ok, there’s a lot of cute flats out there too!
      hahah I get cold a lot too, especially my feet. I put my desk over a heating vent so I don’t start shivering.

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