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I love reading.  I didn’t watch tv when I was little because my mom was afraid it would ruin my eyes (sorry mom, it didn’t really work), so instead I went to the library.  The general rule set down for me went something like this: don’t buy a book if you can get it at the library.  There were certain exceptions of course, if a book went on sale and I absolutely loved it, I was allowed to buy it.  But my book count stands at about 15, and I know for sure I’ve read a lot more books than that.

I read everything, literally.  Once I went on vacation without my library books, and the hotel didn’t have a Bible, so I plopped down with the Yellow Pages.  And yet, I have to say, I’m not so crazy about nonfiction unless it’s on something I’m interested in.  So if I’ve reread a nonfiction book, it’s got to be special.  And if I bought it, I must love it a LOT *cough* at a reasonable price, of course.

Have any of you read John Berendt’s books?  He’s the most amazing nonfiction writer ever.  You may know him for his most popular book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  While I loved that book, I couldn’t find it on sale.  But this:

This, I snatched up at Costco for $5.  The great thing about John Berendt’s books is that you don’t even have to be interested in the subject to like them.  They read like novels, and the writing seems like it’s magically halfway between fiction and nonfiction.  This takes place in Venice, and it’s one of those transporting stories you won’t be able to put down once you get into it.  It’s definitely not light reading though, so don’t start this if you’re not in the mood for more serious reading.  But on those days where you have a couple of hours to fill with whatever you want to do, this is absolutely perfect.  Oh, and in case you’re interested in his other book, it’s about a murder in Savannah.

So tell me, do you have any good nonfiction books to recommend?


3 thoughts on “Nonfiction Novelized

  1. Ooooh, I used to read tons and tons when I was a kid. I really miss doing that. Unfortunately I don’t have any good nonfiction books to recommend off the top of my head… but I do highly recommend Cook’s Illustrated cookbooks if you like cooking as well. The scientist/engineer in me LOVES that they walk you through the recipe with all the reasons why things are specified the way they are (like the butternut squash has to be a half inch cubed because bigger and they don’t cook evenly, and smaller they just get mushy and disappear into the risotto, etc).

    Oh oh! I didn’t finish reading this (well, I was listening to it on tape while recovering from a muscle spasm in my back), but The Demon Under the Microscope is a great nonfiction book about the “coming of age” of modern medicine. Reads like a novel too, imo.

    • reading is so relaxing, but i run out of time to do it a lot now. yes! i love cooking/eating. although i’m not too crazy about science, i do love to cook and read cookbooks. mmm butternut squash risotto sounds yummy. thanks for the suggestion, i’m going to put it on hold on the library’s website right now 😀

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