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Happiness Comes In Bottles

I had a rough night yesterday.  I’ve always had chronic, frequent nosebleeds ever since I was little, and I had another last night.  Well, today I went to the doctor’s, and they said I might have to get my nose cautarized (oh no!  the low threshold pain tolerance in me screamed).  Anyways, it was not such a good day for me, but then they told me I might have another option (I’LL TAKE IT!)

So basically, now I use a little spray bottle of nose meds every night for about a month.  I’m really hoping it works, because if it doesn’t, I have to go in and get cautarized.  And is it just me, or does cautarized sound like traumatized?

My day’s looking up a lot more after I found out the meds might work though.  Finger’s crossed that they do!

And another thing that makes me feel better:

Panda slippers!!  Those should instantly make anyone’s day.

Sorry there’s not much makeup related going on today, it’s just been pretty stressful.  How was your day?


4 thoughts on “Happiness Comes In Bottles

  1. Oh no! I do hope the spray helps. I had a period of frequent nosebleeds when I was in high school and it wasn’t fun at all! I once had one that lasted for about 5 hours before it finally stopped, but luckily it wasn’t nearly bad enough to get cauterized. Hope you heal up!

    Love the panda slippers by the way! They’re adorable!!! 😀

    • aw thank you 🙂 Yeah, they’re definitely not fun, especially when they put everything else you planned to do on hold. I haven’t worn them yet because I’m afraid the eyes will fall off or something! and that would make me very sad lol

  2. my day was dull, but filled with my favorite show: Firefly ❤
    and those panda slippers are adorable! they'd brighten up anyone's day for sure! ^^

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