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1 Minute Makeup

I’ve noticed an increasing amount of ‘lazy mornings’ this year.  My friends can always tell I’ve had one when they see me wearing glasses, a comfy sweatshirt, and a dazed expression on my face. 

But for those mornings when I take the minute I need to put in my contacts, and want some equally quick eye makeup, I turn to these:

First off, I will say that I’m not so crazy about jumbo pencils as liners.  I prefer thin lines, because I think they just look neater.  Most of the time, I only use jumbo pencils as shadow bases.  But these, I actually use for their intended purpose.  Score!

left to right: Dark Brown, Brown, Plumberry

Out of the three, Dark Brown is definitely my favorite.  It’s this gorgeous chocolately brown with really subtle golden shimmer specks (can’t really tell in this photo, but I promise they’re there!), and looks absolutely amazing on my upper lashline.  Brown is also awesome, although I have no idea why it’s called that, because it looks like a nice copper, again with those subtle golden specks scattered throughout.  Sadly, I’m not so crazy about Plumberry.  It looks alright in the picture, but in real life it feels kind of blah to me.  It’s not as pigmented as the other two, and the color is this flat grey-purple with no dimension.  So that one I still mainly use as a shadow base.  But the other two look so good on the upper lashline, and I love that you don’t even have to smudge it, because the line you get is nice and smudgy to begin with.

The texture is also really great.  They’re not creamy like my Prestige pencils, but they’re not supposed to be, since the formula is ‘regular pencil formula.’  In my mind, there’s two types of pencil formulas: regular pencils, and Urban Decay-like cream formulated pencils.  But for regular pencils, they go on exceptionally smooth and pigmented.  Absolute love. 

My favorite look with these is a quick swipe on the upper lashline, and some mascara.  It literally only takes one minute, and then I’m out the door looking much more wide eyed and awake.

You can get these at your local drugstore.  I believe they normally retail for around $8-10, but look out for a BOGOF, since Revlon seems to have them a lot.

Guess what?  I am officially seeing makeup everywhere I go.  This morning, I saw a sign, and I thought it said ‘Get your smokey eyes on.’  On closer inspection, it was a poster about preventing forest fires that said ‘Get your smokey on.’  Whoops.


6 thoughts on “1 Minute Makeup

  1. Oh man, I was hoping you’d like the purple one because I’ve been looking for a nice drugstore purple pencil liner forever! I think I’m just gonna have to hunt down the HIP one.

    Sadly I don’t wear top liner ever since my mini creases are so uneven, but I can totally see how these would be awesome if I did. I might even get the dark brown one. My Prestige WP still smudges on me a bit (on my lower lashline) so if these are less creamy maybe it’d stay better?

    • Yeah, sadly the purple doesn’t even show up unless you go over it a few times, and even then, the color doesn’t look so great. The overall look of these is soft and natural, so it wouldn’t look bad even if it did smudge, but I’m not sure the tip is fine enough to line under your eyes with.

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  3. i agree about jumbo pencils- they always feel a little clownish to me! but anything that’s fast and easy sounds like a keeper- i’ll give them a try for my bleary-eyed schooldays too! ^^

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