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Moving Day

I’ve been thinking about moving lately.  Moving my makeup, that is.  Right now, it’s stored on my bathroom counter, which has lighting I hold 50% responsible for my bad vision, and a mirror built into the wall.  Coincidentally, this makes the mirror so far away that I can’t see what I’m doing.

So, I have decided to finally get off my butt, and move everything over to my bedroom this weekend.  I happen to have a nice little dust-covered desk built into a little alcove in my bedroom (hmm, never noticed so much stuff in my house is built in…interesting) with lots of windows around it, so I can get plenty of natural light.  I’m going to clean off the desk this weekend, which I anticipate will take longer than the actual moving.  I will.  Yes, I will.  I will…..*willpower dwindles away*  I’m going to post it up here so that you guys can make sure I actually do it, instead of lying around the house all day, because right now I can’t even sit down to do my makeup.

I’ll post pictures when the moving is completed.  Hopefully nothing shifts around because I spent hours organizing my stash.  Speaking of which, would you guys be interested in seeing that?


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