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Like Velvet for Your Eyes

Dear Clinique All About Eyes,

You may not actually do what you say you will, but I love you nonetheless.  Why?  Because you’re so moisturizing I just have to keep you around.

Meet Clinique All About Eyes:

I got this as a sample in a gwp.  I then threw it into The Box in the back of my closet for awhile until winter came along and started to abuse my skin.  Dry skin around your eyes is no fun, and my other eye creams weren’t packing enough moisture, so I decided to give this a try.

Texturewise, this is a medium-heavy lotion with a very light, generic lotion smell.  It claims to reduce puffiness and dark circles.  Yeah…not so much.  I guess there might be a slight reduction in puffiness because the lotion feels cool against my skin when it goes on, but I don’t notice anything dramatic.  As for my dark circles, they are still most definitely there.

The reason I love this, though, is that it makes my delicate and sensitive eye skin unbelievably soft.  A quick dab of this on, and any dry patches will disappear instantly.  My favorite way to use this is to dab it under my eyes.  I let it dry for a couple of minutes, and it acts almost like a primer.  The skin under my eyes becomes moisturized and literally velvet-soft, giving me the nice side effect of a smoother base for concealer.  My eyes and the skin around them are ridiculously sensitive, so I have to be very careful with what I put near them.  Luckily, this has caused me no irritation whatsoever.  When I run out of the sample jar (looks like it will take awhile too, as a little goes a long way), I’ll definitely be purchasing the full sized one.

I’m always a little annoyed when products don’t do what they’re marketed as, but here I can overlook that because it’s still an amazing little miracle in a jar. 

My rating: A


7 thoughts on “Like Velvet for Your Eyes

  1. I think my dark circles won’t go anywhere no matter what eye cream I use :/ Oh well, the next best thing is to keep the area around it plump and moisturized!

    • It’s not just you 🙂 Although lately I’ve been getting really lazy, and skipping concealer because it tends to disappear by the end of the day. Moisturizing is always good though!

  2. Ooh, interesting. I don’t use an eye cream because all the ones I’m interested in generally have olive squalane as the main ingredient after the water and emulsifying wax… and I’m already using that as half my moisturizer lol (I figure I’ll go find myself a nice antioxidant/hyalauronic acid serum when I turn 30). This looks really nice though… I have been thinking about getting an eye cream/gel just for depuffing and I actually really want to try the Origins ginger one, but when I asked my fav MAC MA about it she told me that nothing but sleep would really help lol, so I’ve been trying to work on that instead.

    • hahah she’s probably right about that, but I’ve been really short on sleep lately. You could try putting tea bags soaked in cold water over your eyes, I’ve heard that helps, and you could recycle your tea bags after you have your tea that way lol

  3. that sounds incredible! ❤ I too am in dire need of something to sooth my dry eyes, i will certainly hunt for this next time I'm in stores! ^^

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