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Milk and Gummies!

Retail therapy does wonders for finals-related stress.  And today, I was able to hit two of my favorite places: Ulta and Trader Joes.

First, my very small Ulta haul:

Nyx Milk!  I have never seen this at Ulta before, usually they have the jumbo pencils, but never this color.  There were only two left when I got there.  I’ve heard so many good things about this chubby little pencil, so I’m so excited to start using it.  And doesn’t it look like it’s glowing in the picture?

And now my Trader Joes haul:

I picked up a few bags of my favorite gummy penguins.  If you haven’t tried these yet, you should.  They are so cute+delicious.  I love that the flavors are all natural, so you don’t get that synthetic cherry/strawberry/lime medicine candy taste.  Very yummy.

Here’s the strawberry one

And now it’s back to studying for me.  Oh, and also I’ve heard that there’s a big sale on Revlon’s new Photoready foundation at CVS tomorrow.  I’m not sure if you need a coupon, or it’s just in stores, but I’ll definitely be checking that out.


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