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Intense Night Lip Therapy with La Roche-Posay

*Note: ok, clearly I need to update this post.  2.65 (that’s not accurate) years of beauty blogging puts things in perspective.  This is HG people, HG!  And worth the $14, so I’m going to stop whining about it.  There are much more expensive balms on the market.

Back from  my road trip 😀  And I’m starting to really appreciate how many Boba places we have in L.A. because there is nada wherever I was in NorCal.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’re probably used to my ramblings on lip balm (Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 lol).  And you’ve also probably heard me mourning the loss of my Bourjois, still so sad about that.  But I did manage to finally find something that works as a night treatment!

Before I get into the merits of La Roche-Posay Ceralip, I’m going to start out with the two negative things that kind of killed it for me.

First of all, price.  I get that this is fancy French stuff etc. etc., but come on, this is from the drugstore!  How can you guys charge me $14 for drugstore lipbalm?!  That’s more expensive than my old Bourjois balm!  Yes, I died inside when I paid $14 for this, and yes I am still unhappy about it.

Second, the packaging.  If you’re going to make me pay $14, I better be able to get all the product out.  And that’s a little hard when this comes to me in a slant-tip applicator squeezy tube thing.  Plus, it’s not exactly easy to control how much product comes out, ya know?  Usually I wouldn’t be this picky, but I’m still really hung up about the price.

Now I’ll stop being so pessimistic.  *whew* Onto the good stuff:

Most importantly, it works!  I put a layer of this on my lips at night, and wake up with smooth lips.  The lady who convinced me to buy this at CVS said you can still feel it in the morning.  Er, I found that to be a bit of an overstatement, but at least I have smooth lips when I wake up.  Something I should probably mention, though, is that I have crazy dry lips.  If your lips aren’t causing you significant headaches with moisture loss, you might actually still have this on your lips when you greet the day.

I’m quite fond of the texture too.  It’s not as thick as I would expect a night balm to be; it feels more like Vaseline than Aquaphor to me, maybe even thinner than Vaseline.  It’s not slippery, though, and it absorbs extremely quickly so that you don’t have a really thick layer of stuff on your lips (don’t worry, it doesn’t disappear, you can definitely still feel it there).

So am I planning to buy more when I run out?  Well, hopefully it goes on sale soon because I haven’t found anything that works as well for me.  Or maybe someone could send me a coupon?  😀  I really do wish this was a bit cheaper, I could justify paying around $8 for it, but it seems a bit ridiculous at the current price.  Ah, well.

My rating: A-


21 thoughts on “Intense Night Lip Therapy with La Roche-Posay

  1. Hrm… am definitely going to check this out. I’ve spent way more than $14 on lip products before. My lips are sahara-desert-dry and the only time I’ve remembered waking up with smooth lips was when I used the Physicians Formula Plump Potion and I woke up with sticky lips as well, so if this really works, then it’s more than worth it to me!

    • I’ve tried to hold off from doing that for now. I was about to just go and get La Mer (hey it’s cheaper than the Sisley my friend showed me lol still can’t believe that one), but luckily found this. Hope this works for you!

  2. Seems good, but yeah 14 for that little tube? I guess as long as a little goes a long way and it really works well, I’d say that’s a good investment. 😀 Good review

  3. This sounds great! Haha, another product to add to my vast collection of lip balms and chapsticks. The $14 price tag is annoying, especially for a drugstore product, but I’m inthe same boat as Catherine here – I’ve spent more. Which probably isn’t a very good thing :/

    • Have you found anything that works really well? Well, here I can justify spending a lot since it’s more of a necessity for me because my lips are friggn dry. It just annoys me to death that the drugstore can put a pricetag like that on a lipbalm

  4. Omg rly it works? urghh but the priceeeee! I wish it was a lot cheaper but if it works then I won’t mind paying a lil bit more cos god knows I need a new lipbalm.

    • It does work pretty darn well. I agree! Maybe I could erase the 1…. lol. This is so pricy that I don’t use it during the day (just stick to my much cheaper Shiseo Therapind for that), but I have to use something heavier at night.

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  9. Is THAT pricey there? I live in Greece and its about 5€ (it was 4.4€ last year) (About 6.5$)
    The tube is kinda annoying, true.
    For me, is BY FAR the best lip balm I ve ever used… And my lips tent to bleed, not just dry..

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