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How To Trick Yours Truly Into Getting On With The Homework

This week has been one huge headache for me (and we’re not even at Wednesday yet gahh).  Here are some things I wish I was doing instead of studying/depleting my supply of eyedrops:

Eating lamb chops.  Why lamb chops?  I have no idea, they just look very delicious here.  And I’m in the mood for something filling, you know?  So…let’s just pretend this pan of lamb chops is my textbook which I have to study.  All I have to do is eat my way through it?  Something like that








I’d follow those up with something sweet, like these dark chocolate sandwhiched between almond toffee cookies from Trader Joe’s.  Friggn delicious.   That can be my math homework.  I feel like I shouldn’t be erm, eating that, but I have to nonetheless cuz you know.  It’s just so yummy I can’t resist.  I really, really don’t want to eat it though *sigh*

And lastly, I’d need something nice to wash all that food down with.  What better than boba?  Peach green tea boba from Tapioca Express mmmm.  Dude, I don’t even know what this will be.  haha oh dear, I really hate studying, and having gone back and read this, I realize it doesn’t even make much sense.  Food does tend to sidetrack me 😀  Well, I hope you’re all getting through the beginning of this week unscathed.  I’ll catch up with you guys later!




6 thoughts on “How To Trick Yours Truly Into Getting On With The Homework

    great job.
    I’m a little confused
    are you like, eating your homework pretending it’s food? or eating food pretending it’s hw? or … um.

    • loll I got mixed up myself, my analogies never work out. So now I’m just sitting here with a pile of homework and a pile of Korean food. The homework pile’s getting ignored for now

  2. OH MY GODDDDDD. Just to let you know I haven’t eaten lunch and it’s nearly 5pm here, I’m starving and your photos aren’t helping at all LOL. Good luck with the homework!

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