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DHC Acne Whitening Gel Brightens Me Up

I promised I’d get around to reviewing this eventually Cat  😀

I’ve been relatively lucky to escape any severe acne, although there was a point in middle school where I had some pretty bad breakouts.  Looking back, I’m actually quite surprised I didn’t have worse skin problems, because my beauty routine back then was wash face once in the morning with Cetaphil (not the best for my oily skin), and then once at night when I showered, again with Cetaphil.  Of course, after my first batch of acne (what a lovely time in my life that was -___-) I had to tighten up my skincare routine by about a hundredfold.  These days, my skin is a lot more well-behaved, but I have a bit of scarring and blotchiness left from my middle school days.  It’s not so severe that I feel I have to splurge on any acne scar fading products, or even wear foundation for that matter (honestly, most of the time I’m too lazy to even do that), but it’s always nice to work with a smoother canvas.

Enter this little acne whitening gel bottle from DHC, purchased on one of my annual summer trips to Taiwan.  I don’t remember the exact price, but I do know for a fact it’s nowhere near as expensive as what it’s going for online (I picked it up $5-10).  It’s supposed to fade acne scars, prevent new acne from cropping up, and whiten/brighten your skin (smoothing out the blotches, radiance-ing, etc.).  So how does it work?

I’d say for the price, it’s a drugstore miracle.  I don’t think this is a suitable acne prevention product (if you want to treat acne, I’d always recommend starting out with something doctor prescribed before you go about reducing/fading it).  However, it does give me pretty good results with acne fading.  I doubt this will fade scars completely, but it definitely makes them look less obvious for me.  Where I really have to sing this product’s praises though, is its ability to smooth out blotchiness, and brighten my skin.  I apply a little bit of the gel wherever I have slight redness (usually around my nose, between my brows, on my cheeks, forehead, etc.  ok just my whole face then…), and when I wake up, my complexion looks a whole lot smoother.  For that alone, I’d buy this over and over again.

If you’re looking for something that specifically fades scars, you might want to go with something more heavy duty, but if you’d just like a less blotchy face when you rise and shine, check this one out.

My rating: A-


4 thoughts on “DHC Acne Whitening Gel Brightens Me Up

    • hahah actually I never payed much attention to whether it fades throughout the day or not. I think it’s just one of those overnight treatments that makes my skin appear a lot less blotchy in the morning if I’ve had a bad skin day. I don’t have to use it every day either, so I’m pretty sure it’s cumulative

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