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Calling All Insomniacs

My life would be a big empty hole without caffeine.  I would probably spend all day in a semi-coma, and my butt would never leave my comfy mattress.  Seriously, waking up in the morning is pure torture, especially when it’s winter and your blankets are warm and snuggly.  And then that damn alarm rings…..  I’ve really grown to hate that sound.

What’s your favorite form of caffeine?  Mine’s definitely coffee.  Tea is delicious, but it’s something I like to sit back and enjoy with a nice book, whereas in the morning when I’m feeling totally dead, all I can think is: down coffee, eyedrops, coffee, out the door, try not to trip over anything. 

Speaking of being tired, my concealer isn’t doing it for me anymore, which means I look like a crazed panda.  Ladies, do you have any concealer recs for me?  I need something SUPER heavy duty that will stay put for an entire day.  None of this migration business.  Thanks guys!


6 thoughts on “Calling All Insomniacs

  1. Dude… rather than get a concealer or more caffeine I’d seriously rec MAKING TIME for more sleep. It’s definitely detrimental to your health to run on a sleep debt and there *are* long-term effects. =/

    That being said… I think the MAC one that comes in a pot is really nice. I can’t wear it b/c of the chemical sunscreen on it, but I wish I could. (And it’s barely more expensive than buying some of the drugstore concealers these days, so it’s nice to be able to go and get someone to match you and try some on first too.)

    • oh man I know >.< I actually am making an effort to do that, and I'm getting more sleep than last year since half the time I don't finish whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing, but I think it's also partly the stress setting in etc. Yeah, some of the drugstore concealers I see are running for $10 blech. Thanks for the rec! I'll go check it out

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