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Here’s The Blue!

Hey guys!  I’m up in the mountains with bad internet again, so hopefully this loads.  If the title is causing any confusion, please check out Part 1 of this installment: Where’s the Blue?  lol I come up with the lamest titles. 

I’m really happy I gave this mascara another chance, because as it turns out, it is actually a very vibrant blue.  The weird thing is, in my previous post, I applied it over white base, which you would think would increase the blue-ness.  But it actually turned it into a half-assed grey color which wasn’t particularly appealing.  But when I apply this by itself, all of a sudden BAM.  Here’s the blue!  Unfortunately, without the base, this turns into a so-so mascara.  I had to take a lash comb to this multiple times because of all the clumpies (note: I strongly dislike clumps), which I didn’t have to do before.  The volume and length weren’t that great either.  But man!  Look at the blue!  I think it’s all worth it for the color, which is every bit as bright as it looks in the picture.  I actually had people ask what liner I was wearing before they realized it was all on mah lashes. 

Thankfully, I get to take the rating up a notch.  Go TBS!

My rating: B+


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