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I *Almost* Gave In

…and bought the Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland palette online.  I was *this* close.  But then I made myself walk away and go with this instead:

Yeah, I heard all around that this didn’t measure up to the hype, and the shadow quality wasn’t that great, but I’m just getting it for the brights to round up my shadow collection.  After I bought this, I told myself that’s it.  I’m done with the shadows.  For life.  Yeah ok…

Pretty colors no?  I’m reasonably happy with the quality of the shadows.  No, they’re not all that they’re hyped up to be, but I think they’re still nice.  I’m really excited to do some looks with these.  I didn’t do any swatches yet, but if you’d like to see some, just head over to the lovely Cat’s blog.

Hope you guys all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day/Chinese New Year if you celebrate it.  I went to see Valentine’s Day (nope not on Valentine’s Day haha so confusing), and it was such a cute movie.  I still think the best romantic movie of all time is Little Manhattan, though, go rent it if you haven’t!  It will make you laugh and cry in equal amounts.


7 thoughts on “I *Almost* Gave In

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