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Celebrity Perfumes

Hey guys!  Sorry I’ve been missing for a week, but good news is that I’m hardly sick anymore (and therefore have enough energy to hold a camera still for over 5 seconds.  woot!)  And more good news!  I’ve got my XSi figured out.  Boy do I feel stupid, though.  I totally missed the fact it came with two lenses, which was why I was having so much trouble taking close up pictures lol.  Not my finest moment.  Anyways…

If you have a CVS near you, you might be interested to know that they are having a huge sale on celebrity perfumes.  I know a lot of people shy away from these, but the prices were so low I figured I had nothing to lose.

BRING ON THE  PICTURES (this has got a fair amount of pictures, so click to read on!) that a perfume bottle?  hehe no, it is not.  Just some gratuitous chocolate pictures for you.  These are 75% off right now (about a dollar), so I snatched up a bag.  While I think it would be greatly improved with dark as opposed to milk chocolate, the melty caramel inside is delicious enough to make up for it.

Ok, first up is Britney Spear’s Believe.  For $4.99, you get a perfume + body soufflee (did I spell that correctly?  It looks weird without the accent)  The perfume isn’t a mini either, I’m not sure if it’s full size or a bit smaller, but it’s not one of those teeny sample jars.  I’m no parfum expert, but I would describe the scent as your basic fruity with a hint of musk.  It smells nice and light, not terribly original, but hey am I going to complain with that price tag?  NO.  And it gets bonus points from me for the pretty bottle.

My rating: B

Up next is Jessica Simpson’s Fancy.  I really loved the bottle design 🙂  Pretty, ya?  I wasn’t expecting to like the scent; from the description it sounds too sweet for my taste, but it pleasantly surprised me.  I could’ve sworn I smelled strong notes of lychee when I first sprayed it on, paired with light vanilla (not too overwhelming, which is a plus).  Over time, the lychee scent goes away, and it ends up smelling like light vanilla/something sweet baking, cookies perhaps?  Definitely yummy smelling with perfect intensity (I have a passionate hatred for vanilla/sugary scents that are too strong/cloying).

It also comes with a body wash and lotion, again all for $4.99.  This perfume bottle is smaller than Believe, but it’s still not teeny tiny, and the body wash and lotion are full size.

My rating: B+

And last but not least, I got another Britney Spear’s fragrance.  This one is Midnight Fantasy, $4.99.

I’m definitely not too crazy about the bottle (once again, full size).  The color of the glass is nice, I suppose, but it’s a little too blinged out for me.  The scent was also my least favorite out of the three.  It smells like some sort of berry, kind of like Bath & Body Work’s Pearberry, which I already own.  It doesn’t smell bad, it’s just not that unique, plus I already own something that smells like it, so I think this is destined for the relatives-you-never-met-before-gift-pile. 

My rating: B-

What’s your experience with celebrity perfumes?  Any favorites?  Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Celebrity Perfumes

  1. shoot. what cvs did u go to!? let me smell them so that i can hit it up soon before its all goneee. maybe i can be your relative u never met before hahah

    • it’s at all the cvs’s in our general area, just call them up before you go to make sure they still have some in stock. I know midnight fantasy would make you feel nauseated for sure since you hate pearberry so you can just be my best friend and get a different gift I actually splurged on lol

  2. Ooh. I’ve been eyeing Jessica Simpson’s Fancy! None of these sound very complex or interesting but I think Fancy is such a nice simple comfort scent. I used to love Burberry Brit but over the years it’s gotten a little too overwhelming to wear during the daytime for me (I have no idea why… I used to spritz twice every morning through an entire bottle but randomly my perception of smell totally changed two years ago and I can’t stand it ever since… =/).

    • Fancy is definitely the best out of the three. It’s comforting without making me feel sick, which sweet scents tend to do. My favorite perfume ever is still the pink tiffa one (reviewed that awhile ago)

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