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Delicious Hand Creams

I’ve wanted to review these for awhile (since Christmas actually so this is more than just a little late).  My friend gave them to me as a present, and I’ve been reaching for these every other day (alternating them with my Crabtree & Evelyn one which is still HG for me).

left to right: Sweet Cherry, Shea Vanilla, “Original”

These smell every bit as yummy as they sound.  Sweet Cherry doesn’t smell like cherry at all to me, though.  More like sweet pea.  Shea Vanilla smells comfortingly of Dove Soap and Sugar, while the Original hand cream smells lightly lotion-y.  I love sniffing (I can’t be the only who does this, right?) Sweet Cherry and Shea Vanilla whenever I’m feeling down, they both have such lovely fragrances.

I was surprised to find that the hand creams had different textures.  Sweet Cherry has more of  a light texture, very similar to my C&E hand lotion, but a tad runnier.  Shea Vanilla and the Original one both have a much thicker texture, not body butter thick, but still a lot more substantial than the first.  All three absorb quickly, although not as quickly as the C&E lotion, and they do leave behind a tiny bit of residue (I’m really splitting hairs over this, but I prefer when my hand creams don’t leave anything behind because I spend so much time typing, writing, playing piano and, well, eating).  Moisturization is, of course, excellent.  They leave my hands nice and soft for hours, or rather until I wash my  hands because I’m OCD about that.  I’ve already made significant dents in all three tubes, and my hands are definitely appreciative.

My rating: A


6 thoughts on “Delicious Hand Creams

  1. I adore L’Occitane’s hand lotions! I am using the Cherry Blossom right now, and I think they’re more moisturizing and less greasy than the Crabtree & Evelyn, but also less protective. Which Crabtree & Evelyn is your favorite? I got a mini tube of their new citrus scent too and I *love* that one for nighttime.

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