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How It All Began: The Ancient Dior Quintet

Here’s my first ever eyeshadow.  Well, to be fair, eyeshadow(s), passed down to me from my mother who, for reasons I will never understand, barely touched them.  And she gave them to me.  Is it really that much of a mystery that I became dangerously obsessed with makeup?

See how dinged up the back is?  This thing is probably ancient in makeup years, but I gave it a little sanitation with some alcohol wipes.  When someone gives you a Dior quintet, you’d better make it work one way or another.  And can I just take a moment to bring your attention to how much the packaging has changed?  I am in love with the new packaging for the quints, it’s the only thing I would change about this palette. (Reading this a year later, I have to say I do like the vintage packaging.  People change!)  Moving on to what’s actually inside, click to read on:

Although I failed to appreciate this in my early makeup years, neutrals are the cornerstone of a makeup collection.  If you want to do makeup, you need them.  Period.  It took me awhile to figure out how to use this quad, since the colors are quite pigmented and keep in mind I was just starting out.  But I think I’m getting good at working this thing now.  Check back for the EOTD soon 😀 *Update: lol I realized I have a couple of EOTDS floating around where I used that gorgeous matte brown, see here and here.  (I promise I haven’t forgotten about this EOTD, it’ll be coming soon as well).

Some quick swatches.  They got a little washed, but I’m sure you can see your basic matte highlight (left, super faint, click to enlarge), a slightly shimmery taupey brown (LOVE), what appears to be a matte black (it’s actually a blue so dark it can pass for black except there’s this teeny blue tint that drives me slightly insane.  Gimme dark blue or gimme black!  Don’t in between it.  Still, it’s a nice shadow), a gorgeous HG worthy matte red-toned brown (my favorite of the bunch), and a neutral slightly shimmery purple (can’t say I use this one much either, but again it’s nice).

Hope I didn’t lose you there.  Basically, this is your standard Dior quality quintet.  They go on smoothly, blend exceptionally well, and pack plenty of pigment.  I love that these shadows are all largely matte, you can always make a matte shadow shimmery by layering it, but you can’t reverse that process.  Even the shimmers (brown and purple) show up more as mattes.  The highlight and the browns are beautiful neutrals that work with anything.  Occasionally, I’ll use the almost-black-blue to deepen the outer corner, but if I’m working with black, I prefer using something without that barely visible blue tint.  As for the purple, I don’t generally work with purples unless I’m doing a fun/bright look, and this one doesn’t exactly pop.  For the rare occasions that I decide to include purple in my neutral looks, though, it’s great.  So that’s the unnecessarily long story of why I love this thing so much.  Do you have any go-to neutrals?  Share them in the comments!


13 thoughts on “How It All Began: The Ancient Dior Quintet

  1. Most of my go-to neutrals are from MAC – Brulé, Teté a Tint, Brun, Carbon…and then I have a Givenchy Prismissime full of neutrals which I love! Nice story, thanks for sharing! And yay for Dior’s new packaging, LOL! Have you seen vintage Givenchy packaging? Pukes…

    • Mac Brule seems to be everyone’s favorite, I have yet to try that one out. I actually prefer Nyx Black to Mac Carbon, mostly because they’re about the same and there’s a huge price difference. haha actually I have not seen their old packaging, I’ll go google that right now. I generally try to stay away from Givenchy because it’s so pretty and yet so expensive! *cries* Happy weekend!

  2. OMG. i love this quint. I use the warm brown the most, purple and the taupe purple tied for second. I always thought that the black was basically this lame charcoal grey. I never use it anyways. I’m sure i’ll mature into finding its greatness. But it bothers me how dior’s new quints are never really matte. Anyways, if they still sold this i would buy ten more.

    • The warm brown is the best matte brown I have in my entire stash. It’s like this barely detectable blue charcoal-y black which is very confused and therefore shows up as a not so great color. But I do like that it’s matte and has a great texture, so sometimes I’ll layer it over other shadows. Yeah, I’ve noticed that but at least they upped the packaging.

      • I actually quite like the old packaging. I think it looks more classic and artistic. The new packaging is really pretty though too. Lets make a Sephora run, btdubs.

    • My mom used to be in ones of those dancing groups that were on tour all the time, so she actually had quite a lot of high quality makeup, most of which was barely touched and eventually ended up with me. haha vintage sounds so much more appealing than ancient, maybe I’ll start using that word instead

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