EOTD (Eye of the Day)

EOTD: Blue-tiful!

And the lame titles continue…

Just a little heads up about the Juicy Tubes.  So I went today and believe it or not, they were out.  And the deadline for this thing was sometime in April.  I suppose it was just as well, though.  I really don’t need another lip gloss.

Anyways, as I was telling you in my last post, my best friend’s birthday party was yesterday.  I did some fun blue eye makeup, and I had the foresight to snap pictures along the way.  This is probably the most pic-heavy tutorial I’ve done so far, so click to read on:

The eyeshadows I used (note that some of the different products have the same number, see picture below also).  I couldn’t take a picture with everything together because it was way too cluttered.

All the other stuff I used. 

1. As usual, I primed my eyes before putting anything else on there.  When I do crazier/heavier eye makeup, I want to make sure it stays on without turning into a creasy mess.  Here, I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  I then used Revlon’s Illuminance Cream Shadow in Moonlit Jewels (the blue shade) as a base to make the rest of the look pop out more.

2. Next, I foiled (spritzed with some water) Urban Decay Peace to make it even more vibrant.  I patted that into the center of my lid.

3. To perk up my eyes, I blended a little of Urban Decay Scratch into the inner corner.

4. I applied the warm matte brown from my Dior quint on the outer corner, blending up and in.

5. To blend out any harsh edges, I swept the highlight shade from the Dior quint across my crease.  I also further blended the colors on my lid.

6. Finally done with the shadows!  I lined my upper lashline with Revlon Colorstay Pencil Liner in Black, then went over it using an angled liner brush with Nyx black just to make the line pop more.

7. To finish off the look, I drew my trusty Prestige Waterproof Liner in Granite halfway along my lower lashline, then curled my lashes and applied some Lancome Cils XL Booster topped off with Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara.

Some more pictures: (Sadly, I couldn’t get a picture that showed the vibrancy of the blue and the smokiness of the brown at the same time.  This was much better in real life).

Let me know what you think!  I hope you’re all starting the week off with lots of energy and positivity 😀


11 thoughts on “EOTD: Blue-tiful!

  1. Oh my goodness, I love this look so much. The pictures are amazing too… for some reason in real life I thought that it was more of a royal blue… The smokiness is just beautiful ah~ *love* I would like to try this someday for sure. Week starts out positive, I’m likin it!

    • Aw thanks 😀 Nope, I don’t own any royal blue/true blue/dark blue eyeshadow. I’m thinking of maybe getting Rimmel’s blue eyeshadow (their new single pan ones, they look so cute!!) But ehem, trying not to buy any more makeup. Send me some pics if you do try it out

  2. Ooh, pretty eye!! I’ve never though of putting blue/teal with brown before, actually. Will have to try it out soon!

    And dude – I didn’t get around to my Nordstrom’s until today and they “ran out a few days ago” too. Oh well, I don’t even wear glosses LOL!

    • thanks 😀 They always say blue makes brown eyes pop, so I thought it might be fun to put the actual eyeshadow colors together. ahah it’s the lure of free stuff! It’s too strong to resist!

  3. This is so pretty! Blues look great paired with browns, and this is no exception. A perfect twist on the classic smoky brown eye. I love it!

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