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When You Pop Up In Green, Every March 17!

I used to sing that song all the time in middle school 😀  I think my music teacher made up the lyrics. 

Speaking of green and March 17, did everyone except for me realize that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day?  I had no idea until my friend ran up to me and vowed to pinch me tomorrow if I wasn’t wearing green *yeah, like you’ll hold off with the pinching even if I am.*  I find that my friends usually pinch first, apologize later.

Since the leprechauns kind of caught me by surprise this year, I don’t really have time to work out a St. Patrick’s Day EOTD.  I decided to accessorize with some green jewelry instead.  Click to see them!

First I found this ring, which would be quite nice except for the fact that one of the Cat’s Eye stones got knocked out.  I wonder why I still have this…

Here’s one of my favorite bracelets.  It’s from Target aah I love that place

A lovely gold and green fan necklace.  Admittedly, not very Irish

A peaceful looking blue-green necklace from Coldwater Creek.  Reminds me of lakes and water lilies

And woohoo!  I found something green and St. Patrick’s Day-ish.  This is one of my favorite necklaces ever.  I believe I got it on a road trip to Arizona.

Well, I think I’m gonna go with the clover.  How will you wear green tomorrow?

By the way, did anyone living in SoCal feel that earthquake this morning?  My bed was literally shaking from side to side, so I jumped up and found the nearest doorway.  Well, it was 4 a.m. and I was too scared to go back to bed, so I was pretty bleary the rest of the day.


7 thoughts on “When You Pop Up In Green, Every March 17!

  1. I totally forgot about St. Patty’s day! I was going to wear green nail polish, but I just put China Glaze Let’s Groove on with a konad design in Harmony last night, and I sure am not taking off my first successful konad! LOL…

    Someone suggested I paint my toes green instead. Might do that tomorrow morning.

    • A surprising amount of people did this year! Let’s Groove is a gorgeous color, I’ve always wanted to try konading, but it looks so complicated! Are you going to post pics of your konadicure?

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  3. Here nobody does the pinching thing, thankfully! Though I tied a green ribbon around my wrist just in case. Nice clover necklaces, it’s so pretty! Did you have a good day?

    • Lucky you! haha yeah better safe than sorry, a couple of my friends put green post-its on their clothes. Thank you 😀 It’s one of my favorites. My days are generally stressful this year, but all in all it wasn’t a bad day

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