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Does Nutritic Lips Match Up to Ceralip?

Aw man, I broke my every day posting streak 😦  Unfortunately, I’m sick yet again.  I’ve noticed that the stress from school in the last two years has caused me to get sick more times than I have in my entire life.  I used to only get sick once a year, around winter when all the colds were going around but lately it’s like get sick for a couple weeks, recover for a week and uh oh I’m sick again.  It’s no fun.

Anyways, sucky immune system rant over.  When La Roche-Posay was having a sale a month/couple months ago, I picked up a backup Ceralip.  Then I thought, why not try their other lip stuff.  Nutritic Lips is said to be for ‘very dry lips.’  Yup, thought I.  That sounds like me.

When I opened this a month ago, my first thought was that it looked suspiciously like a rather disappointing lipbalm in  my history of lipbalms.  Luckily, this applied nothing like that.  Nutritic Lips comes in a twist up tube.  It’s scentless, tasteless, and colorless. 

After using it for about a month (maybe more, my memory isn’t the most reliable thing), I came to these conclusions:

-It’s very moisturizing, I’d say about the same as my Therapind balm, and the same goes for lasting power.

-The texture is ‘slippery.’  The texture isn’t very soft so the balm probably won’t melt, but it still applies very easily since the top layer melts on contact.

-Unlike Ceralip, it doesn’t heal my lips.  It’s great for keeping my lips in good condition if they’re already in good condition, but if my lips are flaky and dry it’s not going to help out.

Here’s the thing.  With the coupon, this was $7.  The regular price is $12.  That’s 4 Therapinds, which perform exactly the same and probably do more in the healing department.  It’s a good lip balm, but am I willing to part with that much money for one tube?  Er, no.

My rating: B+


4 thoughts on “Does Nutritic Lips Match Up to Ceralip?

  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon!!!

    Thanks for the review – I know not to pick this up now lol.

    And … so a friend actually tweeted at me the other day, that she read in Glamour that dry flaky lips can be the result of iron deficiency. For me, this made an amazing amount of sense because SO and I rarely eat red meat and I’ve been taking zinc, which outcompetes iron for absorption sites and my lips have been drier and flakier than they’ve usually been since then. I’ve had a few servings of herring & sardines (which I actually LIKE, a lot!, surprisingly) and halved my zinc intake and my lips are as good as new! Of course, this is definitely something to be careful with since too much iron is poisonous, but maybe you can have the doc check it out? I just had a blood test to see if I’m actually anemic.

    • Thanks hun! 😀 Are you over your sinus infection now? I hope you’re all better. Yeah, definitely not worth it for the price, especially since you’ve already got your Soapalaya green tea balm. hmm interesting, I don’t eat red meat that much either. I’ll ask my doctor next time I go (hopefully not too soon eek)

  2. I love your graded articles! they’re so helpful, and if i’m in a rush to the CVS I can just take a look at your rating, see if it’s worth buying, and check out the whole article later! ❤

    This one will definitely go on my list, thank you!

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