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Battle of The Eye Waker-Uppers

At this point in my sick/allergy-infested/exhausted/stressed life, I have ceased to bother with concealer for my puffy/bruised looking undereye circles.  It’s a lost cause trying to paint on enough concealer, and besides I wouldn’t be fooling anyone since I go around looking like a lost sleepwalker.  Much better to reduce than to try and erase entirely.  So let’s bring the eye depuffing, dark circle erasing contestants out!


Sorry couldn’t resist adding some dramatic lighting.  Cuz I love lame things like that 😀  Want to see how this thing plays out?  Click to watch the contest unfold!

This is Contestant #1

Contestant #1 is Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller.  This is my favorite in terms of exciting high-techness!  It actually took me about a week to figure this out (I can be really slow like that), but you click on the bottom, and it dispenses eye cream (see right half of above picture).  So cool, right?!  I think so too.  I like that this moisturizes my undereye skin, but in terms of depuffing it’s medium, and it didn’t do anything for my dark circles as far as I could see.  On the bright side, this never irritates my eyes, and the tri-rollerball action feels nice and cool on my skin.  Unfortunately, I can never take this when I travel or I go out.  Because there’s no cap over the clicky part, it can easily get clicked in my bag, leading to a lot of wasted product.  Olay’s Eye Roller retails for around $19.  

My rating: B+

Next, Contestant #2 takes the stage!

Contestant #2 calls itself the Lumene Time Freeze Instant Cooling Eye Stick.  Packaging-wise, it’s also quite unusual for an eye roller.  Mostly because it’s not a roller.  Instead, it comes in a twist up tube.  I love how cooling it feels when I apply it, and like the Olay eye roller, it doesn’t cause any irritation.  Of course, it’s not as moisturizing as Olay’s rollerball since this isn’t eye cream, but it doesn’t dry out my eyes either.  This one gives me some major depuffing action after about 15-20 minutes, but I don’t see much going on with the dark circles.  I think they look smaller though, just because they’re depuffed.  I swipe it back and forth across my dark circles a few times, then gently rub in any residue (very little, texture is similar to a serum).  Love the packaging of this as well, no potential product waste, and it’s very small and portable.  Lumene’s Cooling Eye Stick retails for around $22.

My rating: A+

And now it’s time to unveil our third and final contestant!

Contestant #3 goes by the name of Lumene Vitamin C+ Age Defying Arctic Cloudberry & Brightening Lingonberry Invigorating Eye Serum (all three contestant seem to have the ridiculously long name thing in common).  Unlike the other Lumene Eye Waker-Upper, this is your standard rollerball.  I love the cheery orange packaging, but this seems to irritate my skin.  Sometimes it just stings a bit, but occasionally it causes my skin to have a slight reaction.  While it may or may not depuff/erase my dark circles, I honestly can’t tell.  The reason is that once the serum dries, it shows up as a little darker than my skintone (it’s transparent, but think of when your shirt gets water on it).  Get the picture?  It looks like my dark circles have just expanded.  Since it feels cooling, I’m sure this does cause significant depuffing you could cover up with concealer, but as I mentioned before, the whole point of me using these is so I don’t have to bother with the concealer.  Thus, this is kind of a no-go for me.  Lumene’s Eye Serum retails for around $20.

My rating: (no pun intended) C+

Well, Contestant #2 is the clear winner here.  And a tip for all of you who are interested in checking that one out, Lumene frequently has 50% off sales, so wait until then to buy this.  If you’re interested in the other two, I think you can get the Olay cheaper at Costco, and same 50% off thing applies for the other Lumene.  And that brings us to the end of this contest.

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!  I think I’m recovering from my bout of perpetual coughing, keeping my fingers crossed!  Now if those pesky allergies would just shoo I’d be very happy.


17 thoughts on “Battle of The Eye Waker-Uppers

  1. This is perfect- I’ll definitely keep my eye out for those 50 percent off sales! The contestant format was hilarious, and I’m a sucker for the dramatic lighting too! ❤
    keep up the wonderful work! ^^

    Too bad they didn’t move in circles. You always disappoint me. (…)

    Awesome post! It was quite entertaining!! How much de-puffing exactly…?? Could you get us some pictures??? Plzzz

    • loll that would have been overkill even by my standards. hmm you’ll probably have to wait awhile because I don’t want to leave my XSi in the car, so I won’t be able to do pics until the weekend most likely.

    • I’ve been using this for about a month, it doesn’t exactly have long term benefits because my eyes look just as puffy every morning as they did the morning before. It’s more of a make the puffiness go away until you wake up tired the next morning sort of thing.

  3. Oh I’m a sucker for under eye treatments! Great reviews. I’ll be looking out for the Lumene stick when I’m at the Asian mall. Every time I’m there, because I don’t read Japanese or Chinese or Korean, I just get incredibly overwhelmed by all the products. Now I can just make a beeline for this product. 🙂

  4. Aww you poor dear. Hope you’ll get some chance to rest up soon! It’s important!!

    And yea… so anything with Vitamin C can be VERY irritating, especially on dry, already irritated skin. I’ve been using Avalon Organics Renewal Skin Serum (which, honestly, has the exact same ingredients as their Vitamin C serum down to the 15th ingredient or something like that) and I’ve actually had to take a break from it because it burns around my eye area like mad, and has even started irritating other parts of my skin to the point that now putting on my toner stings a little. It makes me sad because it seemed to be working really well for helping my blemishes go away lol. But the area around my eyes is flaky now… which is not such a good look. But I think when I start using it again I’ll stay away from my undereyes, lol.

    I’ll have to check out that other Lumene thingy though. It looks nice!

    And .. have you tried the Origins? I think it’s called GinZing? It’s supposed to be great for tired undereyes. I keep meaning to check it out.

    • Yup, just have to make it through this week and then it’s spring break. And I am going to sleep. All. Day. It’ll be great 😀
      Interesting, I actually didn’t know that, yeah I had some minor burning/stinging around my eyes when I used that rollerball. What toner do you use? yay hope it works for you and doesn’t irritate your skin! Yea, saw that on Karen’s blog, but nope haven’t tried that out before. I’ll have to remember to check that out too

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