EOTD (Eye of the Day)

EOTD: Sunlight On Snow

 Hey guys!  I’m going to try to post every day now that I’m on Spring Break, which is totally getting me in the mood for summer which, as we all know, is still painfully far away *sigh*  I had the best day yesterday, though.  After a completely draining 3rd quarter (worst quarter of my life.  Ever.) it felt good to sleep in until noon, and then know I had no academic obligations.  I went to lunch with my best friend (yummy Korean glass noodles), and then we went shopping + dinner at CPK.

Anyways, I meant to do this artsy EOTD last weekend, only it…was such a fail!  I suspect it failed mostly because there was a wing involved.  And as I have learned over the past two years, I can’t wing anything to save my life.  I tried going over it with aforementioned bff yesterday.  “I don’t see what you’re not understanding,” she mused.  So I demonstrated for her.  And then she rolled around on the floor laughing.  Very supportive.  Well, hopefully you see what I was going for, so I’m going to post it up here anyways.  The concept was sunlight on snow, but obviously it …abstract-ed (lol don’t think that’s a word).

click to read on!

Here’s everything I used:

1. I primed my lids (actually, just lid because I’m too lazy to do my EOTDs on both eyes) with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and then covered my eyelid with Nyx Milk, winging it out

2. Using my finger (I’m getting the full artistic experience here man), I patted the gold shade from my Lavshuca palette on the inner half of my lid.

3. I covered the other half of my lid with Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eyeshadow in Blue-Ray

4. And then, um well  I want to say I filled in the wing with the dark gray shadow from my The Body Shop gray duo shadow thingy but…I’m not exactly sure what went down at this point because it hardly showed up.  Yeah, let’s just go with that.

5. As usual, lined my eyes with my Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Granite, then smudged out the lower lashline with the dark gray from The Body Shop duo.

6. Primer + mascara and then a SNOWFLAKE.  Yeah, that’s right.  That is a snowflake.  You might have to squint a lot to see it but it’s there.  Actually, the best way to see it is to close your eyes and think very hard.  At this point, I accidentally smudged the wing with my finger.  You can think of it as expressionism.

I’m taking the abstract to a whole new level 😀

Got any weekend plans guys?

9 thoughts on “EOTD: Sunlight On Snow

  1. “Actually, the best way to see it is to close your eyes and think very hard.” LOL!! And hey, I can’t wing shadows to save my life! In fact I’m lucky if I can get liner to wing the way I want it to >.<

  2. Hahahahaha, you are so cute! =P And I actually think you did a pretty fabulous job. I can’t wing anything for my life either though lol, and I can’t even wear top liner b/c my lids are uneven and I haven’t figured out how to make them look even yet.

    Yay for spring break! Hope you can kick back and really recuperate now. *hugs*

    • hahah thanks 😀 All the tutorials make it look so simple! But for some reason it always ends up looking like a random squiggle when I do it. Aw well your EOTDs always look great anyways. I’m hoping so too! I’ve also got to get back into piano, which has been neglected for the past couple of months, but this week is going to be so nice and relaxing.

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