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Happy Easter

I hope everyone’s having a great Easter.  I woke up this morning around noon thinking I’d do some pastel eye makeup, but decided to kick back with a book (leisure reading!  I missed it) and some Nutella (another thing I missed) instead.  I think I’ll do the pastels later. 

Speaking of Easter: Peep art!

Did anyone else just feel the earthquake?  I heard it was a 6.9 in Baja California.  Hope everyone’s ok.

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Happy Easter sweetie! Hope you’re finally getting a chance to kick back and relax a bit!

    The earthquake was actually pretty interesting. It’s the first real one I’ve felt here (even though we’re about 2-3 hours away from where it happened) it was around a 5 here. We were in the middle of my birthday tea party & one of my pitchers of iced tea almost got knocked over! (Luckily my friend sitting closest to it just picked it up and stood up lol). No damage anywhere in this area though, as our buildings are pretty quake-proof and luckily the epicenter was way out in the desert where there aren’t very many people at all.

    • you too! I definitely am, just waking up later every morning feels incredible. Oh, were you not in CA when the Northridge earthquake hit? I think that was the worst one I was ever in, although I don’t remember it lol. heyy I had a birthday tea party too! I had mine at the Scarlet Tea Room, and it was very fun 🙂 hope yours was too, and glad to hear you’re ok.

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