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Shimmery Taupe Nails

Heyy my nail painting skills have definitely gotten better!  Obviously I’m never going to be a pro manicurist, but at least I don’t have to spend an hour cleaning up all the polish that somehow ends up on my finger instead of my nail anymore.  hehe love how my fingers look weirdly suspended in space here.  Anyways, I was inspired by my (fencing) foil today, and decided to hunt around for a color that looked like one of my rustier blades.  Tada!  I actually really love this color, it’s a ‘warm’ gray/shimmery taupe.  China glaze formulas have always been relatively easy to work with in my experience, plus this is a pretty unique color.  I’ve always wished my nails were a bit longer mostly because they look so puny with darker polishes, but I gotta keep them super short for piano. 

I’m going to check out the discounted after-Easter goods at CVS tomorrow.  Can’t wait 😀

*Update: woops, I realized I forgot to mention the name of the polish.  This is China Glaze Cords.

4 thoughts on “Shimmery Taupe Nails

  1. DUDE. You didn’t tell me which polish it is!!!! =P

    Looks fab on you though! And I didn’t know you fence! I used to, at least for a very short while. It was a lot of fun. =)

    • woopsie! gonna go edit that right now. it’s china glaze cords though and thanks 😀 yupp on and off since 5th grade, I have this bad habit of walking out for a year every time I get too busy, but this time I’ve been sticking it out and improving a lot faster. Which weapon did you fence?

  2. “one of my rustier blades” HAHAHAHAHAHA. Omigosh this nail polish is really pretty though. Like, eee better than I expected even after you talked it up so much! Your fingers look very.. slender.

    • gahhh it broke today I have to buy a new one. yay glad you like it. it’s weird because it looks more brown in here, whereas w/ different lighting it looks gray. ahahaha they look weird idk why maybe it was the angle.

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