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CVS (mini, I promise) Haul

Yes, I am aware that this means I just broke my no-buy, but I would like to say that I was doing uncharacteristically well before this little incident.

Ok this first picture doesn’t count since these are more like necessities, ya know?   This is from my CVS run last night, after I realized I used up my shampoo.  I’ve been loving this Dove Go Fresh Energize shampoo lately, it smells so yummy.  I’m also on my last Venus Embrace cartridge, so I picked up some Mach3’s, which I’ve heard are awesomely amazing.

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I was also going to get another bottle of Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash, which I ran out of a few days ago, but they were all sold out.  So I went back today to see if I could find any substitutes, and I ended up leaving with a grapefruit flavored version!  It smells good, so I hope it works just as well as the other one.  And then, after walking past the Milani holo display fifteen times without touching anything (the green one in particular kept calling out to me), I saw a 40% off sale at the L’oreal display.  I remembered the lovely Rae raving about the cream liner, so I thought well why not?  And then I remembered my best friend over at My Tiger Lily telling me that the matte shades (see arrows) in Revlon’s Illuminance Cream Shadows Not Just Nudes work well as bases, so I snatched one of those up too.  That was it though.  Promise. 

I was curious to test out L’oreal against my current Sonia Kashuk liner, which is nice but not as black as I would like it to be.

First I compared the pots side by side, which come to think of it was rather unfair of me as the SK one was all dinged up. 

Swatch time!  Zomg can you see the difference?

I was also pleasantly surprised at how creamy/soft the L’oreal liner was.  I wasn’t expecting it to have such a creamy texture, so my first stroke gouged a huge hole in it lol

For $7 (40% off remember), I’m extremely happy with this.

I did a quick swatch of the Revlon cream shadows too.  I’ve had some experience with these in the past.  I have 2 of their palettes (Copper Canyon and Moonlit Jewels).  Alone, they result in creasy messes, but as shadow bases over primer, they’re pretty cool!  My bff told me that the matte shades crease much less, plus I figured these colors would make versatile bases.  I wasn’t terribly interested in the shimmery colors so I didn’t swatch those, although they’re nice too.  I think I’ll test these out next EOTD I do.

Can’t get this song out of my head.  It’s so darn catchy.

7 thoughts on “CVS (mini, I promise) Haul

  1. Hi dear, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I have not tried the ELF powder blushes yet, I bought two from my haul last time but haven’t had a chance to try them out yet. I am glad you like them, I wasn’t too sure if they were good or not but decided to get them anyway so i can try out later hehe.

    • thanks for dropping by mine 🙂 I hope you’ll like them too, I bought one for powder and one for liquid foundation. It’s so dense that it works really well for stippling/blending in liquid foundation too. I’ve seen people use it for blush as well, definitely the best $3 I ever spent on there.

  2. Zomg I really want that hip liner man.. btw what happened to your l’oreal policy jw? lol I actually also want to try the Wet ‘n Wild one. I love the sk one, but i agree it could be blacker. I have that dove stuff!! heehee I’m back if you haven’t guessed already :]

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