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Sunken Treasure Nails+Mini Haul #2

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit.  Friday and Saturday were busy days for me, and today I went out shopping with my friend.  And I saw The Last Song, which I had super low expectations for.  But it was surprisingly good!  Her little brother in the movie was adorable!  All in all, a good 9 bucks (which btw I find ridiculous.  9 bucks to go see a movie these days?  yeesh).

Anyways, here’s the manicure I did yesterday.  It’s China Glaze 5 Golden Rings over Zoya Ibiza.  I’m calling it Sunken Treasure in an attempt to make it more appealing lol.

Here I am holding a highlighter because I couldn’t find anything else to hold.  ehem.

Here’s a close up.  Looks kinda cool, dontcha think?

And this is my version of being artistic.  The green gum wrappers represent SEAWEED.  I was *this close* to holding my nails over my toaster while it was on, and calling it a deep sea volcano, but I refrained.

Click to read on!

Some more news on the no-buy front.  I’m about to post some pics from setback #2!  Well, the no-buy did last for over a month, which for me is pretty good.  Once again, I didn’t go insane.   See?  I’m totally making progress.

top to bottom: Milani Liquif’Eye Eyeliner in Gold, Sonia Kashuk Bent Liner Brush, Maybelline Clear Lipliner

A little recap of the purchased goods.  The Milani liner is a nice, creamily vibrant gold.  Love.  The SK Brush is every bit as good as the lovely Karen of MBB said.  I don’t think I could add anything to her review, so go read it.  I like how it can make superthin lines, but you can also make thicker lines by adding pressure.  It’s supposed to make winging liner easier as well, but I don’t think I’m going down that road again…

I’ve also been looking for a new invisible lip liner, since my HG Sally Hansen one is being discontinued.  All my HG products end up going away, especially the inexpensive ones.  I hate that.  So the Maybelline one looks nowhere near as pretty as the SH one unfortunately.  Yeah, I know the appearance doesn’t determine quality, but come on.  Look at the difference.  Also, I liked that the SH one was twist-up, while I have to sharpen this, but since it’s got more product, it should last just as long.  I was scared that it would be a hard, impossibly to apply pencil, but it’s quite soft so whew.  If they discontinue this one as well, I’m going to…well I don’t know what I’m going to do actually.  Probably make a sound like this: GAAAAAAAAAAAHRLLLBKJKLJBLKJB!  

One last thing before I leave.  I just thought I’d share a picture of my favorite spoon with you guys.  hehe.  It’s resting on a delicious bowl of Ginger Ice Cream.


Can’t believe Spring Break is officially over.  At least I definitely caught up on my sleep this week.  Let me know how you guys are doing!


14 thoughts on “Sunken Treasure Nails+Mini Haul #2

  1. A sound like this: HAHAHAHAHAHA
    And thank you very much for showing us you favorite spoon. Cute nails, at first I was like.. oh. it’s a new nail product that looks like a high lighter!

    • loll MEEP MEEP. It was at the bottom of my spoon drawer. I just rediscovered it yesterday. thanks, idt I will ever master the salon perfect manicure, but this is good enough for me. yeahh it’s nail polish+highlighter+bonus post-its! I would buy that xD

  2. I feel so important because I was mentioned!!! “my friend” yay 🙂


    i really like the color of this nail polish. and the green gum was very artsy 🙂

  3. Ooh, I’ve heard good things about the Milani Liquif’eye pencils! (I still hate the name though. Puns will never be cool. Never.) But they don’t have them at my local CVS or Walgreens 😦

    Your spoon is adorable. And the Ginger ice cream looks so goooood…. *runs away to rummage through freezer for ice cream*

    • They’re very similar to my Prestige Waterproof Eye Pencils, love them both. aw that sucks. I got this one at Target, perhaps you could check there? thanks 😀 What kind of ice cream did you eat?

  4. Aww, I kinda like it! The green gum wrapper is HILARIOUS. I totally would have done the toaster thing lol. Hope you had a relaxing spring break though!!

    How was your first day back?

    • thanks 😀 you do kickass manicures, so that compliment is like tenfold coming from you. ahahah thanks, well I did it, but I decided not to snap a picture. I was like wow, that would be crossing the line from lame into wow…just wow territory. I did thank you! Although the darn rain kept me up all night long last night, I literally stayed awake until my alarm clock started screeching at me. It was an unintentional all-nighter. My first day was like a punch in the head *sigh* school kind of sucks…

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