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Best Bargain Buys: Lips

Yesterday, my friend RamenGirl asked me for some suggestions for good lipglosses.  I started telling her about some different drugstore glosses I’ve been loving lately, and then I was like wow…this could go on for awhile.  So I thought I’d just make a master list of my favorite drugstore/inexpensive makeup.  I’m not going to include skincare etc., just cosmetics.  Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of my favorites have been discontinued, so I won’t include them here.  Cuz that would just be mean.  Feel free to add your drugstore HGs in the comments!

Well, after I got through writing the Lips section, I realized that this would be one ridiculously long post.  I’ve decided to split this list up into lips, eyes, face, and tools. 


I’m going to start off with lip products, just because that’s what inspired this post.


1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss : I love the texture of these, it’s gel-like (not sticky) and fairly moisturizing.  I don’t have a problem with sticky lipglosses, but these just feel very comfortable on my lips, plus they have spf 15.  The pigmentation is moderate, as in directly in between a clear gloss and a Mac lipglass.  Very good on their own, or layered over lipstick.  A couple of my favorite colors are Cherries in the Glow (sheer red) and Pearl Plum (a gorgeous rose stain).  Another plus is that these are frequently BOGOF, which let me tell you right now makes them a very good deal. 

See these in action here (Pearl Plum alone) and here (Life’s A Peach layered).

2. Milani Lipglosses : Milani has this wonderful habit of duping MAC lipglasses/lustreglasses/etc.  They have it down too, from the texture to the scent to the pigmentation.  There’s even some color dupes.  My favorite is Milani Summer Baby (supposed to be a dupe of MAC Nymphette).  I’m also eyeing the gorgeous blue gloss they just released.  So pretty!  Like the MAC glosses, these tend to be sticky.

3. Sonia Kashuk Ultra Shine Sheer Lipgloss : Sonia Kashuk is only sold at Target, but they’ve got a lot of nice stuff that’s worth checking out.  For a ‘drugstore’ lipgloss, this isn’t cheap (around $10 if I remember correctly), but if you have a coupon or something, I think these are very worth it.  The formula is great, and the scent (if there is one) is extremely light.  The colors are beautiful as well, I only have one because these aren’t that budget-friendly, but I wish I could buy all of them.  The one that I have is Whisper, it’s a shimmery brownish nude that I love.  Somehow, I think brownish nudes look a lot more natural on me than peachy ones do. 


Ok, my absolute favorite lipsticks were discontinued so these two aren’t ones I reach for everyday, but they’re still good.

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick : no, the formula’s not super moisturizing, but I just wear plenty of lipbalm underneath and my lips are fine.  I like this line for the colors.  I know Rimmel recently came out with a new line of lipsticks, and a lot of people were saying that the old line’s packaging looks so cheap compared to the new one, but I personally disagree.  I prefer the unassuming dark purple plastic with the slanted cap to the new flashy bright purple coating.  These do have a strong scent, but it’s not a bad scent so I don’t have a problem with it.  Sniff before you buy.  My favorite shades are Birthday Suit (brownish nude, goes perfectly with my SK Whisper gloss) and Crush (peachy coral).

2. Revlon Lipsticks : Revlon probably has the widest range of lipstick colors of any drugstore brand.  I don’t even know how many different colors they have, but the lipsticks go from floor to ceiling at the drugstore, so basically a lot.  They’ve got a few different lipstick lines, but all the formulas are nice, and if you’re looking for a specific color, chances are you’ll find a close match with these.

That about wraps it up for lips.  Let me know what you’d like to see next: eyes, face, or tools?


6 thoughts on “Best Bargain Buys: Lips


    I’m off to the drugstore to check these out tomorrow 🙂

    ps. you’re pictures are really pretty!

  2. Hey there! Okay so I tried out both the Milani lip gloss and eybrow pencil and I will write a review for them as soon as I get the chance. I thought you might be interested because of this lip post and you mentioned Milani’s lipglosses :]

  3. Ooh, I’ve never tried Milani glosses or SK anything (except her makeup bags!). Will have to take a looksee. I really don’t wear gloss though lol.

    And duuuuuude. You’re thinking of the CG Trushines, am I right?! I love the sad lone one I have. What was the other one?

    • My favorite things from SK are the travel lash curler (travel, not regular. it fits my eye shape really well, and it’s SO portable and easy to bring along. I’m also developing an obsession with the bent eyeliner brush. and even though you don’t wear glosses, if you change your mind, they’re worth looking into). noo actually I haven’t tried those!! I’ve heard the formula is similar to the ones I was talking about though, which were the Revlon tinted lipbalms. I’m glad I snatched up all the colors before they were gone. Which CG Trushine do you have?

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