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Rekindle: The Shoes That Stirred My Heart

I’m taking a short break from the Best Bargain Buys series only because they don’t contain pretty pictures.  And I do enjoy posting pretty pictures.  I hope you like looking at them too.

Oh, Rekindle. 

I patiently waited for these to abandon their $90 price tag for something more affordable.  And when they finally did many, many months later, I was filled with joy.  I ordered them online for $20, and life was good.  Until I tried them on, and found they were about half a size too big (and by then sold out). 

The world can beat you over the head like that. *sniffs*

This picture does not do justice to the sparkly silver buckles, which for some reason are practically invisible here.  It does not convey the incredible comfort which is synonymous with Aerosoles.  Why?  Why must I let these go?

Well, I suppose these must be returned.  Something just as beautiful is bound to come around soon, right?


5 thoughts on “Rekindle: The Shoes That Stirred My Heart

  1. That is always so frustrating. DGAhhh. They look really cute though. Don’t worry though, another pair of shoes will always come hobbling by you… heh heh

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