Friday Noon Ramblings + MAC Package

Yes it’s Friday!  Finally!  I think the weeks get longer as summer gets closer. 

I feel pretty good this week, since I managed to keep up with everything academically.  I also thought I’d be exhausted because my fencing class was extended yesterday (I had a private right before my group), but then my friends showed up with freaking boba!  For me!  I love them.  I love boba.  The world is good.

No, it did not come to me like this.  I held off from drinking it until I left fencing, since it would be mildly bad if it all came right back up.  But as soon as I got into the car, I polished it off in about 5 seconds, and then demolished the lid to get the remaining boba at the bottom.  Let this be a lesson to all of you: do not get in my way when I’m eating or drinking.  ^.^

Something very exciting that happened yesterday:

omg it’s pretty!!  (cue the nods and smiles).  My mom bought me MAC Lustreglass in Spring Bean as encouragement for life (which at this point = school).  I know this color might look a little weird as a lipgloss, but on its own, that would be quite a gorgeous color no?  Anyways, I got this to counteract my pigmented lips.  When I apply this, I get a caramel lacquered look with a slightly green undertone, and green shimmer flecks that are visible in direct sunlight.  In other words, it’s totally unique and totally gorgeous.  I’ll do a lip swatch for you guys soon.  I just need a blue gloss (I’m eyeing Milani’s, only I can no longer find it anywhere) and my collection will be complete.

I just have one complaint

FAIL.  You call that bubble wrap?  Bubble wrap popping fun is why I pay for shipping!  But what are these giant plastic air bags?  I can’t pop that stuff without injuring myself!

Happy Friday all!


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7 thoughts on “Friday Noon Ramblings + MAC Package

  1. Yay for a good week! And yay for friends bringing you boba! 😀

    Spring Bean is really pretty! I still don’t have any MAC lipglosses. Am too lazy for gloss hahaha. Everyone says they’re easier than lipstick but I disagree. Maybe I’m just not wearing the right ones lol.

    • hehe thanks 😀 I’ve wanted a shimmery yellow-green gloss forever. Dude, I agree with you there. I think lipstick can actually look a lot more low-key, and be easier, but these days I’m feeling fancy, thus the lipgloss.

  2. U have to put up a lip swatch gurl!!
    Anyways, I really want boba.

    • will do soon. Lollicup’s boba wasn’t the best but atm I was like !!! I can see a beautiful glow radiating from it! haha I missed you at school today. It was more constructive than the last session

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