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EOTD: (Wearable) Starburst (Inspired)

My muse: Starburst candy!  The cheerful yellow, red, orange and pink wrappers inspired me to do a Starburst eye (hey!  it’s a Morsels inspired Makeup moment).  Well, I dug out my makeup, and totally winged (as in improvised, because I hope by now that we all know I can’t wing shadow or liner properly) this look, so it ended up looking like a (wearable) starburst (inspired) look instead.  Hope that’s ok with you 🙂

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Here’s everything I used.  Ok, that was a lie.  See, because I totally winged this, I did all these unnecessary steps that I’m not going to include, cuz if I did it would be even longer than my infamous snowflake EOTD

I spent the longest time trying to get the inner 2/3’s of my lid to be pink.  And it did not want to.  That alone took me through about seven different shadows.  Long story short, I could probably get the same effect using the pink and gold shadows below.

So, let’s get started now!

1. First, as I always do, I primed my lid (with UDPP), and then covered it with the light matte shade in Revlon’s Not Just Nudes quad (which btw I am loving).

Step one and a half: This is where I had my whole pink debacle (which lasted over the course of this entire EOTD).  Instead of subjecting you to the photo gallery, let’s just pretend I patted a gold eyeshadow onto the inner 2/3’s of my eyelid, and then went over it with a pink eyeshadow. 

2. Using the CG Tropical Fusion quad, I applied the orange shadow in my crease, blending it out.

3. I further deepened the orange with Nyx Copper

4. I added some depth to the outer corner with the matte burgundy shade in Mac’s Intriguing Scarlet palette

5. Did some more blending to touch it up, and then lined my upper lashline with L’oreal HIP Cream Liner in Black.

6. Finally, I lined my lower lashline with Milani’s Liquif’Eye Eyeliner in Gold

And that is it!  Hope you liked it 😀

What’s everyone doing this weekend?  I’m off to Sephora tomorrow to get some concealer for my dark circles.

13 thoughts on “EOTD: (Wearable) Starburst (Inspired)

  1. this really looks superb. I highly recommend that you look into that HIP Duo… it’s the answers to your prayers. Maybe I’ll smuggle one for ya 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! This look is delectable, the colors look as delicious as starbursts! I love the gold liner you used for beneath your eyes. ^^

    and, i went to my grandmother’s birthday dinner, and am spending all of sunday studying. *sigh* D:

  3. This is lovely, hon! Have you picked up that concealer yet? (Because if you haven’t, I’m shoving some recommendations at you: MUFE Full Cover and TimeBalm. :D)

    • lol somehow through my many many eyeshadows I managed to come up with something that looks like MAC spiced chocolate? that’s amazing. thanks 😀 I did, just put a post up on the goods

  4. Catherine just stole the words right out of my mouth. Spiced Chocolate quad! I have it, and this is the exact same look that I do with it, minus the gold eyeliner. It’s a really nice touch, I will try that next time!

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