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Go Fresh and Conquer

I went to my friend’s dance concert last night, and although everyone told me it wasn’t as good as last year’s, I still thought it was great.  Here’s the song my friend danced to.  I love Imogen Heap’s music, and the part where she goes ‘don’t ooh (smash)’ sounds awesome, dontcha think?

On the beauty front, I’d like to review the Dove Go Fresh Energize Shampoo I hauled a while back

This is my second bottle of the stuff, and I’m still loving it.  I spent many ages combing the drugstore shelves for a shampoo that didn’t contain dimethicone.  My old HG shampoo (Aussie Sydney Smooth) was great at making my hair smooth and completely tangle-free, but it also broke me out because of the high dimethicone content.  I have to warn you, if your hair gets tangled easily, don’t buy this Dove shampoo.  On the other hand, if your hair is generally cooperative and just needs a thorough clarifying/cleansing effect, this is great.  I love the smell (grapefruit lemongrass), and how well it lathers (so I only have to use a small amount each time).  In addition, the breakouts are now under control.  I do have to spend a little extra time brushing my hair every morning (we’re talking from the original 15 seconds it took me to about a minute), but I’m lucky to have low-maintenance hair, so it isn’t too big of a problem.   

I’m not going to put a grade rating on this only because I recognize that while it works extremely well for me, it will probably cause a huge hassle for people who have to detangle their hair in the morning.

From me though, it earns a gold star.  yay!

4 thoughts on “Go Fresh and Conquer

  1. ♥Imogen Heap! That’s definitely one of my favourite tracks (though nothing Imogen will ever eclipse my love for Speeding Cars.) I haven’t listened to her in ages, though… perhaps I’ll do so tomorrow; you’ve reminded me how much I used to lover her!

    Oh. And, um… yay shampoo? 😛 I know, I know — I have the attention span of a five year old with ADD.

    • omg yayy that’s my favorite song by her too! It was actually how I discovered her in the first place, but that was a few years ago. She’s got such an ethereal, pretty voice. hahaha no worries Rae

  2. I like that song, although I havent lately had the patience to truly get into Imogen Heap. I feel like I need a nice summer day in which to soak in my feelings and listen and appreciate my heart out. Right now, there’s only time for a little bieber fever and the rest of it i spend studying or have some other stupid engagement. Lame. I miss listening to music.. puahh. And I love dove! Although right now I’m like. Seriously into trying the Herbal Essences pink color treated shampoo once i finish my large pump of Dove. omg. smells. so. good.

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