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Do you remember when Smashbox came out with their magical custom color changing gloss?  Well, I have an analogy for it.  I believe that their lipgloss was like dippin’ dots.  Wait, let me finish before you start throwing me the ‘ok obviously you need more sleep’ look.  Everyone thought that dippin’ dots was totally going to replace ice cream right?  But it didn’t.  It’s delicious and all, but I find it a bit overpriced, and quite honestly not a replacement for ice cream.  You see what I’m saying?  It’s ok if you don’t, since I don’t even see what I’m saying half the time. 

But see.  If they slashed the price of dippin’ dots, I’d be a lot more willing to buy them.  No, they still wouldn’t replace my ice cream, but I’d probably eat them a lot more.  So, let’s take a look at the more reasonably priced version of Smashbox O-Gloss.

This is Sally Hansen’s Lip Blush Plumping Balm.  I’m going to tell you right now to disregard the word plumping.  There is no tingling sensation or stinging whatsoever, and it didn’t plump my lips either (unless by plump they mean: like all other shiny glosses, this will make your lips look fuller!  No, I don’t think so).

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Sally Hansen’s gloss has a brush applicator, which is stiff enough to give me control without being hard on the lips.  You dispense the product by squeezing the tube.  Fairly straightforward.

It smells of oranges and cream, but not in a nauseating way.  I wouldn’t call the scent light, though.

So here’s the before (left) and after (right) swatches.  I’m sorry my skin looks so dry, I didn’t put hand cream on until after I washed the gloss off.

As you can see, the gloss goes from clear to a sheer, shiny pink.  The texture is sticky (not MAC sticky, but I’ve been spoiled by my Revlon Super Lustrous glosses, which have a gel-like cushy texture, and leave my lips soft and moisturized).  The color makes my lips look faintly pink (I’ll do a lip swatch when I have more time), but I find that this tends to make lips look more pink than the Smashbox gloss, which leans towards rosy a.k.a. more natural).  Honestly, I bought this more for the color-changing magic than anything else, but it’s a decent gloss.

Oh yeah, and the price.  $10 is not cheap for a drugstore gloss, but keep in mind there are frequent BOGOF sales.  And put that next to the $22 Smashbox gloss, and it’s less than half the price.  These are available at CVS (maybe Rite Aid) and Ulta.

Hope you’re all having a happy week!


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4 thoughts on “Lip Gloss Magic

  1. Hmm, for some reason I’ve never really been interested in those color changing glosses. Have you tried it on anyone else yet? (Though not sure you’d want to with the brush applicator lol).

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