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Antique Gold Delivers Me

From my makeup rut, that is.  It’s not so much a rut as it is the fact that I have no time for makeup these mornings.  So what to do when times like these strike?  My answer is my HG cream shadow, Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Shadowcreme in Antique Gold.  I love this stuff so much.  I’ve had it for about a year, and it’s never dried out on me.  I do a sheer wash on each lid over the lid up to the crease, and then curl lashes+mascara. 

Speaking of which, tell me your favorite mascaras!  I’m looking for a new one that holds a curl well.  Preferably something that doesn’t smudge, as mascaras smudge easily on me.  It’d also be nice if it didn’t clump, as I have little patience for combing my lashes. 

Ehem.  Back on track.  Product shot!

This holds up well without primer underneath.  Of course, it helps that I only apply a thin layer, and even if it creases, it’s not too noticeable because of the color.  It opens up my eyes, and is perfect for lazy days.  Plus it’s just so easy.  I don’t need a brush, in fact, I think that would only make things harder.  I just swirl my ring finger in it, swipe, and go. 

My swatch doesn’t even capture the gorgeousness of this color.  In direct sunlight, it becomes sparkly and even prettier.  Alas, the sun always hides when I bring out my camera.

Do you guys have any favorite cream shadows?


22 thoughts on “Antique Gold Delivers Me

  1. My holy grail mascara for holding up the curl, and which doesn’t smudge nor clump is Shiseido Lasting Lift mascara! 😉

    Antique Gold looks beautiful! So sophisticated in some way.

    • Hey Jess! Thanks, Shiseido definitely has some high quality products. When I first got it, I totally overlooked it, but now I’m realizing that it’s the perfect 5 second makeup look.

  2. Hi! Antique Gold is gorgeous! 🙂

    I really like mascaras, Lancôme Virtuose is nice, it holds up the curl real well and it does not clump on my lashes. Majolica Majorca lash expander frame plus is another good one, waterproof & lengthening but difficult to remove 🙂

    maybe you can look for lengthening mascaras as volumizing ones tend to smudge and clump on lashes. just a tip. i hope it helps! 🙂

    • hey! Thanks for dropping by. I agree, it’s definitely a very nice color. I wish Lancome mascaras weren’t so pricey, but I do have to admit they have some good ones. Their Cils XL Bootser is HG for me, I wear it under all my mascaras. I’ve heard good things about Majolica Majorca, will have to check that out. thanks again! 🙂

  3. That’s so pretty! I’ve actually been considering getting MAC Rubenesque for this exact reason. I only have one cream shadow – MAC Painterly, and I use it as a base for my shadows every day. I do wear it by itself on rare occasions, but mostly as a “no eye makeup” look with a bright lip (it’s a sheer matte fleshy pink).

    I *almost* bought Shu cream shadow in Pearl Brown 7a (it’s soooooooo beautiful) when I was at my Shu counter last, but it’s kinda spendy at $30 a pot. It does look like it’d last forever though…

    • Have you tried Revlon Cream Shadows before? The shimmery ones tend to crease a lot, but the matte shades in Not Just Nudes work great as cream bases. They’re just so hassle-free and easy. ooh sounds pretty. omg P Brown is a gorgeous color, I have the pressed shadow version of that. so sad that Shu’s leaving the US

  4. I actually don’t have a fave cream shadow since I don’t use makeup but the antique gold is so shiny and pretty…:)

  5. thanks for the comment! 🙂 i have been using tsubaki for a while now. i alternate between tsubaki (red & white), tigi fashionista and now the asience moisture balance. plus nature’s gate clarifying shampoo once or twice a week. i know what you’re thinking, yeah, i love shampoos esp. if they smell nice. 😉

    • I actually haven’t tried the white before. How does it compare to the red one? Well, I don’t actually have any of those shampoos where I live, so I only use them when I’m in Asia every summer, but the shampoo I’ve been loving lately is Dove Go Fresh Energize. It smells yummy too, like grapefruit 🙂

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    • That’s a gorgeous gold as well! I don’t actually own any of the paint pots, but I’ve heard great things about the quality. I like this b/c it’s more of a brassy gold, which makes it totally unique in my collection.

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