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Bourjois + The Best Brush


I have been dumped in the bucket of despair (the bucket of despair is where the dreaded exams lie in wait for me).  I’ve discovered that I can only study for 30 minutes max before my mind wanders.  Still, in 30 solid minutes of hard studying, I can get quite a lot done, and as long as I insert little breaks in between, I’m mostly fine.

So here is the result of one of my little breaks.  I was poking around my vanity looking for something to cheer me up when I found this.  Ah, I cannot believe I haven’t written a post on this yet.  This is basically my HG basecoat. 

First off, let’s talk design.  The cap might look different from the ones you usually see, but it actually makes the brush very easy to work with and hold.

And speaking of the brush…

…which happens to be the reason I love my Bourjois basecoat so much.  It’s basically two brushes in one, and works super efficiently.  I can cover all of my nails in one or two strokes, and the stuff dries quickly as well.  I don’t think you can tell from the picture, since I took these with my everyday camera, but I’ve used up more than half the bottle already.

I’m sad that Bourjois is largely discontinued in L.A., but on the bright side I’ve seen it all over Watson’s in Taiwan.  I’ll be sure to get a backup when I go this summer.

Once more into the bucket of despair,

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7 thoughts on “Bourjois + The Best Brush

  1. Ooh, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen Bourjois nail polish! How interesting.

    And aww. It’ll all be over soon – keep your chin up! *hugs*

    • I’ve only seen this in Taiwan and now I want to go back for the colors! Thanks 😀 I’m very nervous tomorrow’s my first one and there’s just this endless stream of stuff to memorize

  2. Wow…this is a good brush and I can’t believe I didn’t tried their colors. I had like 3 nail polishes from Bourjois but when my friends came over I gave them away. 🙂

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