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Love Thy Sunscreen

Will the spf posts never stop?  Nope.  hehe just kidding guys, they will, but I still have one more coming in the near future after this one.  Well, sunscreen is good for you!  Love it!

This post is a review of an old favorite/request for suggestions rolled into one.  Alright, let’s get started!

You might be wondering: if this sunscreen is so great, why are you putting a request in here too? Because Avene is now discontinued at all the drugstores, that’s why *cries*  Hopefully, you can get a sense of what I like in a body sunscreen, and help me out with suggestions for a replacement once I run out.

This only has spf 20, but I can live with that since it’s such a breeze to apply.  It’s spray-on, which automatically makes everything quick and easy.  I need about two sprays per arm/leg, and I usually just spray it right onto my skin so it can spread out.  Once I’m done spraying, I rub it in (and since it comes out as a superthin liquid, it takes no time at all to rub in).  It makes me look a little shiny for about 5-10 minutes before fully sinking in, but it’s on my body not my face, so no big deal.

The scent is faintly sunscreen-y, and it fades quickly (this means I’m not walking around in a Coppertone cloud the whole day).  Oh, and I like the orange on the bottle.  lol it reminds me of summer and sun and the beach…aaah.  Summer?  You need to get here now.

So that’s why I love this baby.  Tell me your favorite body sunscreens please!

12 thoughts on “Love Thy Sunscreen

  1. Ooh, cool review! Yeah for my body I’m always really digging the spray ons. I have been using Neutrogena’s spray on spf 50 sunscreen. It seems heavier than this (with the mild sunscreen smell and all) and is more geared towards those beach days. But it’s incredibly refreshing to put on and it’s super quick and easy to reach the spots that are normally hard to reach!

    • mmm ya I’ve definitely seen that at the drugstore. Maybe I’ll give it a try, my skin reacted to the last couple of Neutrogena body sunscreens I used, but I’ll keep this in mind just in case.

  2. lol! i don’t have a fave sunscreen…i actually needed to get a new sunscreen so this is a perfect post!!! thank you, you’re so kind! 😛

  3. Oooh I have a favourite for you: Banana Boat Sport Dri-Blok SPF 30. This is the bomb!

    Here’s a link to the Amazon page.

    It goes on kinda clumpy but dries to a powder finish, so it’s not sticky or greasy like all other sunscreens I know. It’s not waterproof by any chance, so don’t go swimming with it, but for everyday, this is total perfection!

    OK that’s enough from me now. 😛

  4. hi doll, thanks for commenting and visting my blog!

    i love the smell of sunscreen, strange, but i find my self very fond of the scent. despite all the reviews that i read on sunscreen, i can never get into the habit of putting on sunscreen. i really hate having to add another step to my skincare regiem! LOL

    the only one that i’ve tried was neutrogena. I haven’t used it often to tell you much about it, but i love how it’s NON GREASY and THICK! hehe. It feels like a real nice moisturizer! and it has high SPF

    BTW. Avene is discountinued at drugstore? REALLU?? are they out of business?

    take care ❤


    • hello thanks for dropping by! I only like to smell that when I’m swimming or at the beach. Otherwise not so much. reminds me of just how far away summer is. You might try a moisturizer that has spf in it, so when you put your moisturizer on in the morning you don’t have to do anything extra (I really like Lancome’s Bienfait Multivital). As for body sunscreen, that’s definitely an extra step but sun protection is so important! I didn’t have the best experience with Neutrogena’s face sunscreen, so I don’t think I’ll be going back to that but thanks for the rec. hm I guess it depends where you live? I’m in LA and Avene has been discontinued here for a couple of years already.

  5. What is this madness?! I remember seeing Avène the last time I was in a drugstore! Perhaps it’s just the US drugstores they’re pulling out of?

    *is distressed*

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