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Zip Zap Zorp

Shaving with a man’s razor sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it?  I thought so too when I first started hearing some beauty bloggers rave about it (here and here), but I ran out of Venus Embrace cartridges about a month ago, so I thought hey why not?

My weapon of choice was the Gillette Mach 3 disposable (about $10 for a pack of 3).  I don’t know whether to be overjoyed or dismayed that these work so much better than my old Embrace.  Overjoyed because that’s awesome!  Not only are these cheaper, they’re also travel friendly because of the plastic guard over the blades.  Dismayed because I wasted all that time with my Embrace when I could have been saving my money with these.  Not that the Embrace wasn’t a good razor, which it was, but it doesn’t have the magical abilities of the Mach 3.  Mach 3’s stay sharp much longer, and I think they come sharper too.  While I didn’t notice a significant difference shaving my legs with these vs. the Embrace (both left me nice and smooth), I definitely get a closer shave under my arms with the Gillettes.

I’m wondering if I should try an ‘actual’ guy razor once I run out of my disposables.  Could they be even better?  I hesitate to think of such an amazing thing…

Next time you’re at the drugstore, check these out.  Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised (oh and btw, the title of the post is a representation of the deadly razor doing its work.  hehe)

Get excited for the weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Zip Zap Zorp

  1. oo good idea! i’ve used those during trips and stuff before, but yea you save tons of money buying the less colorful guy ones and they do just the same! 🙂

    • they do even better in my experience 🙂 and I can’t carry my venus embraces b/c they’re no guard over the blades. I don’t want it cutting everything up in my bag or snagging lol

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