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The Lust List

Hey guys,

Hows your Saturday going?  I feel pleasantly refreshed and happy because I just had a Dreyers lemonade popsicle, and it was quite good.

Did you know I only have 2 items on my lust list right now?  Well, actually it depends how you count the second one, but that is incredible!  Usually the list gets into the double digits.

1. Kat Von D Palette in Ludwig (smooth, blendable, perfect neutrals.  If I were to buy another eyeshadow palette…this would be it.  But I will [try to] refrain)

2. The entire MAC Superglass Collection (These might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those glitter flecks are calling out to me.  They’re just so pretty I can’t even stand it.  Wait, I just realized these are  lipglosses.  Must not buy anymore lipgloss or my gloss drawer shall explode)

What’s on your lust list?

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10 thoughts on “The Lust List

  1. The Kat Von D Palette in Ludwig is on my “lust list” as well! 😀

    Hmm, also on my “lust list” are Dior lippies (be it lipstick or their *very pretty* glosses), Miss Dior Cherie (original one), and some NARS stuff.

    There’s so much that I want but I’m trying to save my $$! >___<

    • omg it’s soo pretty. I think I might put it on my next birthday wishlist or something. Ohh I have one teeny tiny Dior gloss lol, came with one of their holiday sets. Miss Dior Cherie is such a pretty scent, and my favorite ad ever is the EDT balloon ad. hehe same!

  2. Ah, the ludwig palette is super nice. Like the shadows literally last.. like exactly the same as you put them there, all day long. It’s incredible. Plus (its hard to describe) but they never become funky/cakey looking on your eye despite layering a lot. I think it’s wasted on me though b/c I don’t find myself using it that much at all. I don’t even know why. As far as my lust list… It’s pretty much come down to two palettes. The Sugarpill Burning Heart Quad and that old Dior quint. I’ve searched the internet and have yet to find more than two types of the old packaging dior quints. Truly sad indeed.. It’s like wanting your dead boyfriend back.

  3. i actually don’t really make a list of wants, i just get stuff when i see it kind of thing. LOL. Perhapes it’s better this way, because then i won’t go into sephora knowing what i want all the time and then being robbed poor when i leave the store. the superglass is already released, you have to get moving on that collection! i’m not much on a sparkle fan, so i skipped that collection, however i can’tttttttttttttttt wait for “to the beach”collection by Mac. the wait is just killing mee! hehe

    P.S. i use a pretty old camera now. It’s the Sony Cybershot, Carl Zeiss 7.2 MP. it doesn’t do too good with capturing the correct colour is my room lighting, so i adjust it in Photoshop. my camera would not be able to take those photos with that kind of lighting. heheh. i need a new camera!

    • hahah that’s smart. Oh yeah, I know it’s released but I can’t let myself by any more lipglosses. Ever. Even I’ll admit that I have way too many. omg the sweet&punchy eyeshadow from that collection is so gorgeous! haha I have a Sony Cybershot too! It’s one of their superold ones, so it’s only 5 MP and I use it for taking product shots/food shots. For all the makeup shots though I use my Canon XSi. ooh what version of photoshop do you have? I just got the cheap $50 Photoshop Elements, but it actually pretty much does everything I need it to do (the only annoying thing is that I can only mask stuff if there’s already a mask, e.g. if I hue/saturation, I can’t just make a mask on a random layer. Also, can’t do curves which is a bit frustrating at times). Have you seen CS7? It looks amazing

  4. Heh. Dior’s Black Cannage palette (Cristal Boreale collection) *was* at the top of my lust list… but I kinda sorta might have purchased it yesterday.

    (Low-buy? What low-buy?!)

    In my defense, I just finished a HELL of a round of finals. So I totally deserved it. 😀

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