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Who Likes Purple Lips?

I do!  It may sound a bit odd, but I love the look of a purple lipgloss.

So before I dive into this post, I would like to take a moment to curse the major suckerage that is the monthlies.  I spent all of today rolling around on my bed courtesy of the worst cramps I’ve had in two years.  I took a couple of Tylenol, and cuddled up with some heating pads which seemed to defeat the sore back+cramps that were attacking me, but then they came back after an hour or so.  Lovely.  I have a sneaking suspicion that I sounded as though I were in the middle of labor (think whewww wheww SCREAM wheww AAAAAH puff puff puff).

hehe I thought this picture looked so cool with the shadow reflections on the lid.  Click to read on!

I got these Awake Stardom Lip Glosses back when Bath&Body Works was awesome and carried all manner of Asian brands (Kose, Awake, etc.).  I wish they’d bring those back because those were some high-quality products.  Anyways, when they were cleaning out Awake, I snatched up a bunch of the heavily discounted items including these two glosses in G-1 and G-3.  My favorite is the G-1 gloss for the purple color.  It’s unbelievably pretty.

Here’s what it looks like on the lips with flash.  

And without

I must have taken about 20 pictures, but not one was able to capture how amazing this gloss looks.  Picture an iridescent purple color with blue sparkles.  That’s about the closest description I can give.  As for the light pink color, it’s lovely, but nowhere near as special.  The texture of these is very interesting.  They’re light, and almost fluffy yet feel very moisturizing going on.  Also, when I swipe some with my finger, it feels firm and fluffy at the same time.  I’m so good at describing lol…er do you kinda get what I mean?

Here’s some shots of the G-3 duo

The orange is super bright and gorgeous, and the white has this beautiful almost-green sheen to it.  If I had known these were so cool at the time, I would’ve snapped some other colors up too.  Honestly, I’m not even sure where I would go about getting Awake products now.  Let me know if you’d like to see lip swatches of the other 3 colors.  The purple is the most mesmerizing.

So what about you guys?  Do you like unconventional lip colors?  I’ve got a post on green lipgloss coming up later this week (I love it).  Probably the only color of lipgloss that I don’t own is blue, but the Milani one I was eyeing has mysteriously disappeared from my local CVS’s shelves.  Hmm…

Hope everyone’s having a good end to their weekends,

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17 thoughts on “Who Likes Purple Lips?

  1. Aww sorry to hear about your cramps. They sound like mine. I went on birth control for my menstrual cramps as soon as I got to college and when they came back I switched to a 3 month version to lessen the bleeding as much as possible because of suspected endometrial cysts. Not even tylenol with codeine does anything for me when I get bad cramps and I can’t take NSAIDS because of a weak stomach. I’ve been curled up on the floor for six hours with cramps and had to drop a class before … but that’s a serious medical problem. You shouldn’t ever feel that bad from regular menstrual cramps. I really recommend talking to your doctor if you get cramps like this often (or even not as bad cramps often) because the inflammation and bleeding can indicate bleeding outside of your uterus and cause enough scarring to make you infertile. =/

    Pretty gloss btw. =)

    • I should add, it’s not that uncommon either. My doctor told me about a third of women suffer from endometrial cysts, but they just go along with the pain because they think it’s normal (or it’s not bad enough to send them to the ER) and they don’t even think anything of it until they try to conceive and can’t. =/

      • Yeah, I used to be under the impression that being disabled from cramps was common, but so many of my friends don’t even get them/say it’s just a mild pain. I should definitely get that checked out then, thanks for letting me know.

    • @ Cat: I’ve asked my mom if I could take birth control pills because I get pretty long periods and I always get cramps every single time plus a sore back. The cramps aren’t always this bad, but I can definitely feel them, and once in awhile I’ll get ones like these where I literally cannot move for at least half the day. Anyways my mom wouldn’t let me when I asked her because she doesn’t believe in the pill or something. She said it’s unnatural to stop your period but then again she doesn’t get cramps and thus doesn’t understand the mind-numbing pain. I ended up taking 4 tylenol today and it finally went away after a lot of bed rest, but the cramps will come back tomorrow. Hopefully they won’t be as bad though. I think I’ll go talk to my doctor next time I go for a checkup. hahah! thanks 🙂

      • Yea.. my mom had the same exact reaction, it wasn’t even discussed as an option. And so getting on birth control was basically the FIRST thing I did as soon as I got to college. But, definitely talk to your doctor the next time you get a checkup and hopefully your mom will listen to a doctor try to explain that your health and fertility are seriously and literally on the line here. Good luck! *hugs*

        • Yeah it was upsetting. Ever since I first started my period she would never let me have cold things (like cold water or popsicles) no matter what and it was so frustrating. I don’t know if that’s bad for you or not but I went to my doctor and he said that shouldn’t affect me at all. She pretty much disregarded that though so I’m guessing she’d also disregard whatever he’d have to say about bc. thank you 🙂

  2. I just started birth control pills! And they help sooo much. Definitely check that out 🙂

    ps. i REALLY love that purple lip gloss!!!

  3. I love the purple gloss! I have a feeling it would look a little odd on me since I’m so pale, but you’re totally rocking it! 😀

    That really sucks about the cramps. I never really get them, but don’t be jealous, I get *wicked* mood swings instead. Like laughing-to-sobbing-in-under-ten-seconds mood swings. BUT if I were you I’d definitely talk to my doctor… I know my sister got really bad cramps and she didn’t want to go on the pill, so she got these especially-for-periods pain killers.

    And if worst comes to worst… most states in the US/Canada don’t require parental permission to go on bc. Just sayin’!

    • aw thanks! I have a huge thing for purple glosses, I’ve got like 5 different ones, and I want the new one from Revlon so badly. oh I definitely get those too, only when they hit it’s just straight up depression and my self esteem takes a huge hit as well. hahah! thanks for the advice

  4. Well I cannot offer better advice than anyone here. But I can offer consolation in the fact that I get macho ly hungry and like, suddenly emotional. 1 meltdown at least every month… you know me.. the most embarrassing time was in 7th grade when ms. demonica pulls me aside and goes, “you might want to ask your mom about midol…” … ha ha FML.

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