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NOTD Pretty in Purple

I just had the best ice cream today you guys.  I don’t think it was the ice cream itself that was special (your run-of-the-mill McDonald’s ice cream cone), so much as the happy feeling I got from eating it.  It was one of those “the right food at the perfect time things.”  Good story huh?  😀

I thought I’d share this manicure I had on for a couple of days (which is how long it took to start chipping like crazy) with you.  It’s Sally Hansen Flair.  In certain lights, it looks like an incredibly glossy midtone purple (see below) 

no flash

…while in others, it lights up and you can see all these awesome red and purple sparkles.

flash, click to enlarge the picture and see the awesome sparkles 🙂

more flash

I have to say, if the color wasn’t so gorgeous, I wouldn’t have attempted this manicure.  Actually, all the colors in this particular Sally Hansen line are beautiful (I have Flair, Glow, and Vivid), but I have so much trouble with the formula.  I’m not great at painting my nails to begin with, so the fact that the formula is runny/thin, takes forever to dry without topcoat, and chips super quickly does not make this the best polish for me. 

Almost Friday guys!

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9 thoughts on “NOTD Pretty in Purple

  1. Dude, I totally almost bought Flair! Then felt bad that I already have so many purple nail polishes. Then bought more purple nail polishes LOL.

    It looks beautiful on you! (Next time take the without flash pic facing the window. Sunlight pics are the best! :D)

    • hahaha my number one WANT THIS from Sally Hansen right now is Hidden Treasure omg have you seen it?? And I wouldn’t feel bad for buying that because it would be completely unique to my collection. Thanks! oooh I tried but then it looked flat or showed the sparkles and I was trying to get a glossy picture which sorta failed. Long story short, I should have used my XSi lol but I got lazy

  2. Hi:) I know that this is a very random question but I was wondering how you configured everything for your site. Like the backround and stuff you know? Sorry I’m no techy or anything

    • haha no problem. If you go under Appearances and click Themes, there’s a whole bunch you can try out. So I guess I didn’t exactly configure it, the credit goes to some actual techie who did all the work for me.

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