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Bienfait Revamped

Hey guys!

I’m about to go out to lunch and shopping with my friend, but I though I’d pop in and do a quick post before I left.  I recently ran out of my Bienfait sunscreen, and Lancome happened to be doing a promotion (which is still going on), so I thought I’d get a new bottle.  The SA told me that they had discontinued it (what?! I screamed), but hastened to add that it had merely been repackaged.  whew

This is the new packaging.   Gotta say, not so crazy about it.  I prefer the old pump dispenser, but at least I’ll be able to get out all the product this way.  Bienfait will probably always remain my HG, since on my rushed days it’s all I need to put on my face before I run out the door (makes an excellent moisturizer.  You can read my original review here).

And the gift with purchase (there was also a cute tote, but I’ll post that picture with tomorrow’s bag post):

I loved the colors in the gwp quad this time around.  The peachy-pink (next to the purple) makes the most gorgeous lid wash ever.  It’s great paired with some dark brown liner and mascara for a wide-eyed, natural look.

Got any fun weekend plans?  Let me know!

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14 thoughts on “Bienfait Revamped

  1. What a great GWP quad! I really like the texture of Lancome eyeshadows. Extra extra smooth! 🙂

    I’m curious about that SPF 30 moisturizer. I must investigate further! It’s just that, it’s quite expensive eh?

    • Lancome shadows actually aren’t the smoothest I’ve felt, but I love them b/c they work well with each other so that it’s pretty hard to mess up when using them (erm that made sense in my head). I find that I need to powder my nose a little bit after using it, but it’s still so light and nice that I can use it all year round without it breaking me out, and at the same time it’s moisturizing enough for winter. Yeah, it is unfortunately. I either keep an eye out for it at Costco, or try to get it when they’re having a promotion.

  2. This quad looks so cute!! Unlike most, it actually looks like you would be able to use the colors in harmony and not neglect any of them. More importantly you can probably do all your eyeshadow w/ just that one quad, which is the whole point.. I hate it when palettes have like ten shadows that function for the same purpose!!

    • I’ve actually had pretty good luck with all my Lancome gwp quads in the past, I think they’re really good about giving you 4 colors that coordinate while being unique, but yeah love this one in particular. haha do I sense that comment being directed towards a certain Coastal Scents palette?

  3. i’m actually very curious to know why they changed the packaging. the pump is wayyyyyyyyyy better. i never knew lancome had sunscreen. i read the link you did on the review, and it makes me want to use sunscreen. LOL i’m such a sucker for nice packaging!

    the eyeshadow quad is beautiful. i love purples and pink!

    • Me too! It was fine to begin with, so I have no idea why they would try and fix it and just end up making it worse. Yes, they do! They’ve got other ones besides this, but I’ve always preferred Bienfait for the texture. dude me too, there are so many things in this world I would buy for packaging alone. Lancome gwp quads always have nice colors in my experience.

  4. oh yes, i have used konad before. i would review it at the moment, but my friend borrowed it. haha. it’s nice! a little expensive and hard to use at first though! shipping cost makes it even more expensive! ahh, that’s what i hate about online shopping! but i can’t find it anywhere else around here

    • Yeah, it seems like there’s a definite learning curve with that, but some of the patterns are so pretty! I don’t paint my nails enough to justify buying it though. You should post up some konadicures! You’ve got nail painting skills 🙂

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